2017 will be a record year for international tourism in new York

2017 will be a record year for international tourism in new York

According to forecasts of the Agency for the promotion of tourism in new York — NYC & Company — the number of foreign tourists visiting the city again increased, with the result that 2017 will be the eighth in the entire history of a year of record tourism in the Big Apple. As reported by The New York Time‘s, this year the city will attend to 61.8 million visitors, compared to 60.5 million in 2016. At the same time, the Agency expects a gradual reduction in the number of tourists due to the introduction of the immigration ban for 6 Muslim countries.

Executive Director of NYC & Company Fred Dixon said that new York suffered huge losses in the tourism sector with the coming to power of Donald trump, since the largest interest in the city exhibit by residents of countries that fall under the ban of entry. Foreign tourists play a huge role in the economy of the city. Accounting for only 20% of the total number of visitors, they bring the city Treasury more than 50% of income from tourism or an average of about $ 2,000 every foreigner.

However, officials do not give up. On Monday, NYC & Company is launching a new program to attract tourists to»True York City». The is a hospitable new York city for tourists is placed in airports and subways around the world. The Agency say that new York is «the world famous and one of a kind original, there is never a day like the previous one. All want to try, but it is better to stop and enjoy it.»

NYC launches new tourism campaign, The tourism agency NYC & Company launched a new campaign called «True York City» designed to promote iconic attractions as well as unique experiences, neighborhoods and local businesses. https://t.co/MLel0yNJsj https://t.co/D4HuBWyqIW pic.twitter.com/CE1b2UWHnO

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