Dinner for Thanksgiving this year cheaper than last

Dinner for Thanksgiving this year cheaper than last

The American Federation of farms calculated that dinner for thanksgiving for 10 people this year will cost Americans less than last year. Per the cost of the meal fell 75 cents, and made 49,12 dollar. This is the lowest cost of the gala dinner for the last 5 years.

Perhaps the most important element of the holiday table is the Turkey and this year it costs less than a few years ago – 1.4 dollars per pound, and the price 2013. Arises a reasonable question: why is Turkey cheaper? The volume of production has not decreased. They are still about 6 billion pounds a year, however, exports decreased and now more of the product remains in the domestic market. Hence the price reduction.

Dinner for Thanksgiving this year cheaper than last

Eggs, milk, butter and other ingredients have also become cheaper. In this case, mainly because of increased production. «In addition, grocers often use milk as a leader of discounts to entice consumers to shop in their stores,» said John Newton, head of the Farm Bureau.

For comparison, a 16-pound Turkey in 2016 would cost you $ 22.74, today you can buy it for $ 22.38. A gallon of milk last year cost $ 3.17, now $ 2.99. One pound of green peas cost you in 2016, $ 1,58, in 2017 will cost $ 1,53. Sweet potatoes cost $ 3,60, and now — $ 3,52. A bit more expensive pumpkin pie ($ 0,08), cranberries ($ 0,04), whipped cream ($ 0,08) and the vegetable filling for the pie ($0.14).


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