In California pardoned a man who was wrongfully incarcerated for 39 years

In California pardoned a man who was wrongfully incarcerated for 39 years

The police argued that it was the most terrible crime that ever saw the city of Simi valley.

November morning in 1978, a young woman, Rhonda, Wiht, was beaten, raped and strangled in her own apartment. Strangled unknown and 4-year-old son, Rhonda, Donald – probably due to the fact that the child could recognize the killer.

Investigators quickly arrested Craig Cowley, who for almost two years met with Rhonda.

Craig was convicted after a second trial (the first jury was unable to reach agreement). He was sentenced to life imprisonment without the right of parole.
For 39 years behind bars Cowley has maintained his innocence. And now authorities say they agree with him.

The Governor of California Jerry brown yesterday pardoned and ordered the release of 70-year-old Craig Cowley, reports Los Angeles Times.

Lawyers for the men said the double homicide in Simi valley resumed, as already identified: the detective who was driving, made a lot of mistakes, and the key DNA evidence did not match the DNA Cowley. In addition, there were three more suspects.

Interestingly, even the mother of the murdered Rhonda, VAT has repeatedly stated that he considered Craig his son, little Donald, he was like a father.

Governor brown noted that Craig Cowley behaved as a model prisoner, escaped gangs and devoted himself to religion. «I hope that the real perpetrators of the murder of Rhonda and Donald Vita still appear before the court,» said Jerry brown.