Trump called the allegations of sexual harassment «false news»

Trump called the allegations of sexual harassment «false news»

President Donald trump called the statement of the women accusing him of sexual harassment, «fabricated stories» and «fake news.»

Yesterday, 11 Dec, Jessica Leeds, Samantha Holvi and Rachel Crookes came to the Studio talk show Megyn Kelly Todayto talk about your negative experiences during meetings with the current President. Another woman – Lisa Boyne , joined three potential victims on the phone.

Trump called the allegations of sexual harassment «false news»

They all told their stories about how trump, being at that time a businessman accosted him. The oldest incident was the story of Jessica Leeds 30 years downtownhost. She remembered the airplane when in flight, the tramp grabbed her breast and tried to climb up her skirt, but she pushed him away in time.

At another press conference the same day, four women said that Congress should investigate the accusations against the President, expressing concern that, even when other influential people are responsible for their actions, the trump remains on the sidelines.

Yesterday the White house called those accusations false, and today personally, trump commented on the statements of women.

«Despite the fact that thousands of hours and many millions of dollars have been wasted, the Democrats are unable to prove collusion with Russia, so now they move on to false accusations and trumped-up stories about women that I don’t know and/or whom have never met – wrote trump on Twitter. – FAKE NEWS!»

Trump has repeatedly denied all charges against him. But according to The Washington Post, his last statement is «the usual lies», because among those who accused him of harassment, there are his business partner, a woman who has a joint photo with trump and reporter People, where he was interviewed.

Previously, trump said that he doubted the authenticity of the 11-year record, where he boasted of the presenter of the TV program Access Hollywood («Access Hollywood») Billy Bush about their amorous adventures.