Lyft called the most popular places in the United States

Lyft called the most popular places in the United States

This is the third year in a row in December, transportation company Lyft publishes a list of the most popular locations across the country, based on the number of trips made using their application.

One of the largest taxi counterparts in the country announces the winners of its awards Lyftie Awards at both the national and local levels. In the first case, the premiums represented by 6 categories, including:

Lyft called the most popular places in the United States

  • the most visited restaurant
  • the most visited bar,
  • the most likely place for a chance meeting with a celebrity,
  • most visited Museum
  • the most visited coffee shop,
  • most visited sports bar.

At the local level also purchased the most visited restaurant, bar, venue, University and popular destination.

If we talk about the winners at the country level, the most visited restaurant found in San Francisco — Souvla San Francisco. The most popular bar is located in Los Angeles — Good Times at Davey Wayne’s, and most celebrities can only be found in Hollywood. Going to the Museum, passengers often ask for Lyft drivers to take them to the Metropolitan Museum in new York and the most visited coffee shop was chosen Café du Monde in New Orleans. And in the latter category, among sports bars, won by a place called American Social in Miami.

In new York, the most popular restaurant was the Vandal in the Lower East side, the main bar passengers Lyft called the House of Yes in Brooklyn, and the most popular location for all kinds of events became Madison Square Garden. The most visited University was the University of new York (suddenly), and the most popular destination was the hotel William Vale in Brooklyn.