New York increases subway cars at rush hour

New York increases subway cars at rush hour

New York city subway (MTA) began operating a few of the longer subway cars on the C line so that more passengers could network on a train in the busiest hours.

Representative of the transport company John Weinstein said that a similar model train R46 are already working on other lines, including line A. Their length is 75 feet (23 m) 15 ft (4.5 m) more than those that run on C now.

New York increases subway cars at rush hour

According to the MTA, the extra space will allow to increase capacity of the line at 25%.

Despite the fact that on the platforms of line C can accommodate standard full-size trains, the company has always launched a «mini-version». This was due to the fact that the operation of «big» cars were more expensive. But Weinstein noted that since then has developed a «more efficient service trains», which allowed the MTA to run the R46.

Andrew albert, MTA Board member, said that these changes are really positive shift to work underground in the rush hour. At the same time he recalled another unsolved problem is the long waiting for trains on weekends.

«It is wonderful that now there is more space, said albert, but I think the passengers prefer, to the weekend trains ran more frequently than was more. 12-minute wait is not very good.»

MTA is not going to abandon the old model trains R32, which was first launched in 1964. The company bought 26 new cars model R179, each of which costs about $ 2 million. They need to replace the end-of-century train. By the way, in the course of testing the cars R179s three were out of order.