Nine-year-old guidance rescued in the US after the earthquake, can send back home

Nine-year-old guidance rescued in the US after the earthquake, can send back home

A girl by the name of Chaika most of his nine years of his life near Atlanta, Georgia, reports CNN. In 2010, when she was only a year and a half, Haiti was a terrible earthquake. Saiku found under the rubble.

In the United States the girl was brought in a special helmet, as he feared that she had damaged the brain. Mom Saiki, Jeanne arrived in Atlanta with her here, learned English and managed to find a job. Jeanne never ceases to thank the doctors who saved her baby girl.

If they’d stayed in Haiti, Chaika without receiving proper treatment, at best, would forever remain an invalid. Recently, however, the prospects of living for Haitians in the United States are becoming more vague. The administration of the President, trump declared that the provision «Temporary protected status» (TPS) to Haitians affected by the earthquake in 2010, expires in 20 months. By 22 July 2019 60 thousand inhabitants in the territory of the United States, are required to return home.

For girls it is tantamount to a death sentence. Until now, every Tuesday she visits a therapist. Saiki hemiparesis — paralysis of the muscles. The left hand is not unbent. Have to walk, limping heavily.

Now mother Shniki have to go back home. It will condemn the child to death: and the plight of island States has exacerbated past last year’s hurricane Matthew.

In seven years of living in Georgia Haitian family has roots here. Jeanne was born another child, which by law is already a citizen of the United States. At home in Haiti, they have nothing. An earthquake destroyed the house and left to lie in ruins.