New York increases minimum wage

New York increases minimum wage

The people of the state of new Yorkwho receive minimum wage should be happy a great Christmas gift.

Thanks to laws enacted in 2016 and signed by the Governor of new York Andrew Cuomo, the minimum wage for most workers in new York will increase from $ 11 per hour to $ 13 per hour. For employees of enterprises with ten (or fewer) employees, the minimum wage will be increased from 10.50 to $ 12 per hour.
According to the New York Daily News, according to the legislation, over the next few years the minimum wage in the state shall be $ 15 per hour.

New York increases minimum wage

«I can’t say I’m thrilled,» says Tony Thompson, a 64-year-old worker from Brooklyn. «This growth is very necessary and very important.»

First to $ 15 per hour will be employees of the large firms in new York, starting December 31, 2018. Through the year this goal is achieved and employees of small enterprises of the city.

Employees from long island and Westchester will receive a minimum wage of $ 15 an hour by December 31, 2021. The residents of the remaining part of the state while waiting for the schedule, which has yet to determine the budget Department.

However, some business groups have said that the new policy of wages will undermine the economic competitiveness in new York.
«This attack on small business,» says Mike Durant, Director of the National Federation of independent business. «Expensive labor costs will first of all hit small business.»