The Most popular new year’s resolutions in the United States

The Most popular new year’s resolutions in the United States

The first days of the New year is the perfect time to set goals that are a solemn promise to yourself to achieve in the future 12 months. The hardest part of this process is not only to choose exactly what to seek, how to continue to methodically move towards your goal.

People are known, are easily tempted, especially if bringing fatigue and stress are eternal associates of the grey working days. The researchers argue that by January 8, about 25 percent of new year’s resolutions are forgotten and by the end of the year live less than 10 per cent of the promises.

The most popular resolution

Beginning of 2018 is no exception — many people around the world are optimistic about the entry into the bright future under the motto «new year, New me». The results of the YouGov study, which involved 1.2 million people, said the most popular resolutions Americans have become healthy eating, exercise and financial savings.

More specifically, 37% of respondents hope to follow the rules of healthy eating, more sports and save more money in 2018. Another 24% plan to focus on self care, for example, to sleep more; 18% want to read more, 15% — to have more friends. Slightly fewer people promise themselves to find a new job or take up a new hobby (14% and 13%, respectively). In addition, almost a third of respondents (obviously, with a realistic Outlook on life) reported that they do not will wow promise (32%).

The Most popular new year’s resolutions in the United States
The most popular new year’s resolutions
From dreams to reality

If the promises come true and not remain at the plan level, psychologists advise to follow a few simple rules.

First, you need to understand why exactly you give yourself a promise, because a clear cause helps better to motivate yourself not to stop on the way to the goal.

Secondly, you need to make a realistic plan and put a certain period of implementation of all its stages. Setting mini goals helps to make the end goal more accessible and not to despair on the way to achieve it.

Besides, it helps support other people, and a good idea would be one promise for two with someone from friends and acquaintances. You can also follow inspiring individuals in social networks, the benefit is quite beautiful Instagram accounts that could push to action almost any.

And one last tip – get yourself a reward for the promise or, if you diligently followed to the goal, sometimes indulge in small pleasures, such as going to a movie or ice cream for dessert to stimulate yourself to continue.

And the most important thing to remember is that for man nothing is impossible and you can reach any goal, if a strong desire.