The end of the week I Digest

The end of the week I Digest

In Philadelphia it was not Sunny, and on Brighton beach was a little rain. The southern coast of Alaska shook from aftershocks. Over the «Land of the midnight of the state» under threat of tsunami, but not for long.

The week was not very eventful, but tragic. The flu still kills people, in two schools the students opened fire. In Afghan attacks suffered by Americans.

Savory life will be for illegal immigrants and «dreamers» still unsure of his future.

However, there were good and neutral. Remember the biggest news of the week, suddenly, among them will be found nuggets of positivity.

Shutdown: shorter than under Obama

Having rested at the weekend and on Monday, the government took up the work with renewed vigor. Unscheduled vacation for employees of non-vital departments went barely noticeable. This was performed in the upper chamber of Congress.

Sleeves rolled up, Democrats and Republicans again took up the discussion of the resolution on temporary financing of the government. This time the hand was set up a much more compromise.

The end of the week I Digest Leung

Realizing that «blue» will not yield until the «red» does not make a step toward «dreamers», the majority leader of the Senate Mitch McConnell took the initiative in their own hands. In exchange for democratic votes for resolution he promised them resume negotiations on military spending, wall with Mexico and DACA.

If in three weeks the senators will not solve the immigration issue, the upper house will vote on a separate bill to protect «dreamers». It was produced by the Republican Lindsey Graham and a Democrat Dick Durbin.

The bill become law – and 700,000 DACA participants will acquire a legal status, and 3.2 million «dreamers» will have a chance to obtain citizenship, writes Breitbart.

The proposal McConnell made a minority leader Chuck Schumer but not all Democrats. Liberal groups have not found in the words of McConnell real guarantee that the «dreamers» won’t be deported.

However, the vote on the resolution still passed, and quite successfully: 81 votes for and 18 against.

The end of the week I Digest

Then the document went to the lower house, where he was supported by 266 and is not supported by 150 congressmen.

The end of the week I Digest
The end of the week I Digest

Once on the table to the President, the resolution was finally take.

The result: the Federal government has received funding until February 8. From Tuesday all the state institutions, services and agencies reopened their doors.

Thus, the record for «shutdown» under Obama, which lasted 16 days in 2013, not beaten. This time, the government not only worked 69 hours. In addition, the holiday fell on a weekend.

«Dreamers» will receive citizenship if Trump will give $25 billion to the wall

Looks like a problem with the «dreamers» sows discord in Congress, the White house decided it was time to intervene. To help the Republicans and Democrats come to an agreement, the administration prepared a «compromise» plan that will be presented next week.

The plan applies not only to «dreamers», but still three questions:

The end of the week I Digest protect the borders (including to prevent possible loopholes in the law);

The end of the week I Digest the cessation of immigration for family reunification;

The end of the week I Digest the abolition of the visa lottery.

While the document is not published, the participants in the DACA program can indulge in the hope that they gave the President. Speaking to reporters, Donald trump said he is open to dialogue on granting citizenship to «dreamers».

However, not all, but those who meet certain requirements: to have work, education and «good moral character». Not in the near future and years 10-12.

The end of the week I Digest

Instead, the President will need Congress to approve 25-billion-dollar budget on the construction of the wall, restrict family immigration and abolished the visa lottery. And then the rose-colored glasses «dreamers» are fighting glasses inside.

Such conditions are not satisfied and outraged Democrats, who consider the deal unfavourable.

«White house uses the «dreamers» to disguise their xenophobic, isolationist and anti-American policies that will harm millions of immigrants living in the United States, and millions of those who want to legally immigrate and contribute to our country,» says Michelle Is Your Lovely Choice Grisham representing Democrats in the lower house.

Meanwhile, the Governor of new York proposes to make education at state colleges free for «dreamers», if their family income is below $125,000. The Republicans are the States with him, of course, disagree.

Officers ICE: +1 authority, NYPD officers: -1 privilege

The bad news for illegals – now they can track the license plate. This month, the immigration police got access to the database, Vigilant Solutions. There is stored information about two billion numbers.

This will greatly facilitate ICE officers search interesting persons to Identify the person, find housing, and to track over the past five years and real-time database opens a wide field.

Employees of the NYPD, on the contrary, reduced the number of privileges. Instead of 30 «cards exoneration» (‘get out of jail free’) they will give 20. The retired officers is less than 10.

However, some police officers are not really something and needed to display the cards for sale on eBay. For their one hundred–a hundred and fifty dollars, the buyer was able to avoid problems with the guardians of the law in the case of minor offences.

The end of the week I Digest
USA imposes sanctions against the DPRK

Washington has again strained relations with Pyongyang: the U.S. Treasury Department imposed sanctions on North Korea. Under them were 16 individuals, 9 legal (among them the Ministry of oil industry of DPRK) and 6 marine vessels.

North Korea called it «a heinous intention to dampen inter-Korean dialogue and cooperation» and said that such a move America will only exacerbate the situation.

Does not recognize the sanctions and Russia, refused visilatü home of citizens of the DPRK, which represent workers ‘ party of Korea in Russian cities.

Meeting with Minister of national defense of South Korea in Hawaii, James Mattis said that diplomacy is first and foremost. Even though the «reckless rhetoric Kim» and «dangerous provocation.»

However, Mattis stressed that the United States has in reserve, and military options to talk to Pyongyang «from a position of strength». He has also previously stated that Pentagon’s the priority now is not to fight terrorism, and maintaining military superiority over China and Russia.

The U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem will open next year

Due to the recognition trump Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in the middle East began mass protests. Waiting, to abate, Mike Pence went there for a visit.

A privilege to pray at the Western Wall. This is our 4th trip to the Holy Land, but Karen & I never fail to leave without a sense our faith has been renewed — our faith in God, but also our faith in the people of Israel & their commitment to freedom, security & peace. #VPinIsrael

— Vice President Mike Pence (@VP) January 23, 2018

But when the Vice President arrived in Israel, he gave another reason for discontent of the Palestinians. Transfer the American Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which confirmed the position of the state, will happen sooner than expected. Pence promised that the early opening of the Embassy will take place by the end of 2019.

Starbucks and Disney are generous, and Bank of America – not quite

To the regiment of major companies who, in connection with the adoption of the tax reform will pay bonuses to its employees, arrived. On a par with Walmart, JetBlue Airways, AT&T, Wells Fargo & Co, Boeing, Comcast and Bank of America become Starbucks and Disney.

The coffee giant has pledged $120 million to increase salaries 150,000 employees and another $130 million for a variety of benefits, training and paid vacation. Moreover, Starbucks plans to expand its staff involvement 8.5 thousand new workers.

Although the need for some of them may fall away. Of course, if the company will listen to the opinion more than 20 thousand people opposed to opening a coffee shop in Yosemite this spring. At the moment, the petition has already gathered 23,942 signature.

The end of the week I Digest
Yosemite national park.

Disney is also mindful of its employees and intends to pay $1,000 more than 125 thousand people. Another $50 million will be invested in educational programs.

In turn, Bank of America promised to spend 5% of profit growth in 2018 to increase the wages of staff. But for its customers, the Bank has prepared an unpleasant surprise.

Before the use of the system eBanking it was free, if a person has not used the services of cashiers and demanded the balance of my account on paper. Bank of America decided to abandon this practice and convert clients on the «basic current account».

To service remains free for them, persons need to retain the current account of nevertheless $1,500 or make direct the Deposit of $250 per month ($3,000 per year). If this condition is not met, then customers will have to pay for the service $12 per month.

The future has arrived today: successes and failures

The introduction of modern technology in the everyday life of a person irreversibly. However, sometimes the first pancake turns out a clod.

For this week Amazon opened in Seattle, its first supermarket without cash registers, sellers, and queues. You go to the store, take what you need and get out. The funds will be debited from the account at Amazon.

[email protected]’s #AmazonGo grocery store of the future just opened in #Seattle — take a look inside, it’s pretty cool. #food #business

— Ryan Hodgson (@Ryanintheus) January 22, 2018

But the first day had a puncture. Journalist CNBC Tech Dadri, Bosa came out of the grocery store Amazon Go with a complete eco-bags products, but it virtual account not lost a dime. Noticing this, she appealed to the leadership of the company. Thanked her for the honesty, you did the appropriate amount and gave it to the yogurt.

Less successfully over the incident with the electric car Tesla on autopilot. The driver was distracted, his car crashed into a car of fire service Los Angeles. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

For automatic control system in cars is the future, says the CEO of Uber Dara Khosrowshahi. He figured that already a year and a half for clients of the company will arrive cars with the autopilot function. And in 5-7 years – a flying car.

Incident of the week

Alas, the past week was rich in incident. Some of them led to the death of the innocent.

Briefly about the incident:

20 Jan, Kabul (Afghanistan)

Six Taliban fighters stormed the Intercontinental hotel and took hostages. At least 18 people were killed, among them 6 Ukrainians and 4 American. Another 10 people were injured, among them two us citizens.

The siege lasted 13 hours, during which time the Afghan security forces killed all the terrorists. They were a suicide belt.

January 21 lake Wales (FL)

At the Mall Eagle Ridge two explosions from improvised devices. There were no casualties. Looking around the perimeter, police found a backpack with more 5-6 shells. Soon, the police arrested the suspect – 32-year-old Patrick Joseph Collins.

January 22, itali (TX)

16-year-old high school student opened fire in the cafeteria. I got a victim – 15-year-old girl behind it flew a medical helicopter from the hospital of Dallas. Police arrested the shooter, the resistance he had.

January 22, Quinton (Oklahoma)

Exploded drilling rig, which employ 22 people. Seventeen survived, one of them received minor burns. Rest five were missing but the next day it was discovered the remains. The cause of the explosion is considered an uncontrolled release of gas, but this version is not final.

January 23, Benton (ky)

15-year-old student opened fire at a high school. He killed two and wounded 18 people. One of the victims – 15-year-old Bailey Holt – died on the spot, and 15-year-old Preston cope died in the hospital. The suspect was taken into custody to face trial.

27 Jan, Kabul (Afghanistan)

The suicide bomber hid the bomb in the ambulance and activated it in the area of foreign embassies and government buildings. The explosion claimed the lives of 95 people, at least 163 wounded. Injured 11 U.S. citizens working at the American Embassy. The Taliban took responsibility for what happened.

January 28, Melcroft (PA)

Unknown opened fire at the car wash Ed’s Car Wash. Lost four: two men and two women. Two victims were found inside the truck, two on-site Parking. On the scene found a lot of weapons. The alleged shooter critically wounded, police say he not survive.

The earthquake in Alaska was in southern California can be

Near the southern coast of Alaska earthquake with magnitude 7.9 points. The epicenter of tremors discovered in the Pacific ocean, 175 miles (282 km) South-East of the island of Kodiak. It happened Tuesday around 00:31 local time.

The national weather service warned residents of the coast of British Columbia about the possibility of a tsunami.

Scary stuff up in the Gulf of Alaska…. Tsunami warning in effect #AlaskaEarthquake #TsunamiWarning

— Ted McInerney (@tedmcinerney) January 23, 2018

Sirens sounded; the locals left their homes to go far away and higher.

Alarms have been going off for the past 2 hours. There have been a lot of aftershocks. Apocalyptic feels. #Alaska #earthquake #Tsunami #alaskaearthquake

— Ali Moin (@AliMoin22) January 23, 2018

But by the morning the tsunami threat came to naught.

Meanwhile, the geologists found that Los Angeles and adjacent counties are the two major faults of lithospheric plates. In other words, there is elevated seismic risk, earthquake magnitude can reach 7 points.

The flu continues to rage

The current flu season in the US is in second place the incidence of pork after which rampaged in 2009. It has spread to all States except Hawaii. The «influenza» admitted Kansas, followed by Texas and Missouri.

The disease has claimed the lives of 37 children, and most of them were not vaccinated. It is expected that by the end of the season, the 34 million people in the US have been ill with the flu.

In the pharmacies is not the first week there is a shortage of medicines, especially regarding the use of Tamiflu.