US cities | All about Washington

US cities | All about Washington

Washington became a refuge for many immigrant communities. Here are located the headquarters of the organizations of Russians, Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Georgians, Ukrainians and others.

Within a large University. John. Washington is a monument to Pushkin. At the National art gallery regularly hosts festivals of Soviet cinema. In the Theatrical-concert center. Kennedy arrives to tour the St. Petersburg Theatre of Opera and ballet. Kirova, and the street near the Embassy of the Russian Federation will soon renamed area of Nemtsov.

Work in Washington
US cities | All about Washington

It was in this city today is the most favorable in the country, the situation on the labour market. So go for it! When looking for a job please note that some posts affects the seasonal demand.

To find positions currently available in the online offerings of the sea, and every day new ones appear. Note: Washingtonian earns on average about $80 thousand per year.

Living expenses in Washington
US cities | All about Washington

All avid smokers here will be in difficulty: cigarettes in the district of Columbia are twice as expensive as anywhere in the United States. So it is better to go on a healthy lifestyle and to delete this article of expenses.

On the Internet it is enough to select $60-70 per month on mobile communication — $100 (with this package you will receive unlimited Internet).

Washington is what to do: 10 swimming lessons are $500, chess — about $100 per month. While many schools work free circles.

Those who carefully watching their appearance, it is necessary to leave a large sum in the Washington beauty industry. Good haircut with painting costs $200. (Children’s haircut is around $20.) Manicure with gel Polish — $35, pedicure — $45. Epilation — $35-40.

Rental housing in Washington
US cities | All about Washington

Housing in D.C. is expensive. Even by American standards. Are more expensive in new York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

As elsewhere, the price determined by the place: how the neighborhood is safe, close to metro and infrastructure, how many schools and fitness clubs.

The average apartment for a family with a child standing in Washington from $2500. Plus utilities (water, gas, electricity) — approximately $105 per month.

Food in Washington
US cities | All about Washington

The prices on food Washington is not particularly different from neighboring Maryland and Virginia. But it is necessary to go restaurant in the capital, and the difference will be noticeable.

Be prepared for the fact that the cost of an ordinary family (two adults + infant) meals will be about $100 per week. Alone you can live on $40 — provided that you are a vegan or just not a fan of meat.

If you make gourmet gatherings wants to pay for this pleasure a tidy sum — not get out for lunch on Monday. This day is considered «not a food», so some decent fish establishments arrange happy hours. In these happy hours you can eat oysters for a buck apiece. Over two dozen you pay $24 plus $20 for the wine to them.

To save on food can purchase in wholesale stores. Strive to be in the mainstream or just prefer all-natural — choose organic foods: they are local in high demand, so there are plenty to choose.

And for Washington common phenomenon — the return of the food. Some companies are so loyal to the customers that they can easily take back they bought, say, a bottle of wine, if you suddenly do not like.

Transportation in Washington
US cities | All about Washington

Do I need a car in Washington — this problem is solved according to the situation. Often enough the subway and Uber, which often suits the action to the district of Columbia. If you’re lucky, the road to the city limits will cost $5-6 and even in $1-2 and no hassle with Parking (with this case here badly.) and fuel. When absolutely necessary you can rent a car.

Need taxi — choose Uber. Representatives of other companies get, and even insolently require a tip.

Transport costs account for the average Washingtonian $250-300 per month. If you ride the subway, about $200. Suburbanites do: we reach the nearest metro station, leave the car there and then take public transport. In the center of the searches, where to Park, will take from 15 minutes to an hour.

Because in Washington the car is not at all in the city and in the suburbs organized work of public transport. The buses run on time, and you can check it from your mobile phone using the appropriate application. The fare depends on the distance and time spent in the bus. Morning and evening, on weekdays the fare is more expensive. In General, prices range from $1.75 to $5,90.