Forest fires in Portugal: more than 60 killed (photo)

Forest fires in Portugal: more than 60 killed (photo)

In Portugal as a result of strong forest fires in the area, Pedrogao Grande in the Central part of the country has killed 62 people, and this is not the final data.

According to the Associated Press, the majority of people killed in cars while trying to break through a wall of fire through a burning forest trail passes.

Officer of the Ministry of internal Affairs Jorge Gomez said that 60 people were killed by flames and acrid smoke, two more — as a result dorozhno-transport incident which happened on a smoky road.
According to preliminary data, 54 people were injured, among them a teenager and a firefighter.

Prime Minister of Portugal, antónio Costa, has described the situation as appalling tragedy, which was not in the country for decades. According to him, some villages in the district were completely cut off by fire. In the disaster area arrived the President of Portugal , Marcelo Rebelo de Souza.

The fire in Pedrogao Grande broke out yesterday afternoon and spread with lightning speed. The cause of the fire is not yet established, but in Portugal the day before was a heatwave on Saturday the temperature was over 40 degrees.

In extinguishing the fire involved 700 rescuers and 250 units. The European Union has promised assistance to Portugal. The country flew planes from France and Spain.
In Portugal, declared three days of mourning.

May god have mercy on us ? This is on my hometown #PrayForPortugal #Portugal

— Vasco Silva (@VascoSilva92) June 18, 2017