Missing American sailors found dead

Missing American sailors found dead

Seven employees of the U.S. Navywho went missing after the collision of an American destroyer with a container ship, found dead in the flooded compartments of the vessel. It is assumed that they died in sleep, when the water got into the cabins below the waterline — the Associated Press reports.

We will remind, on Saturday, the us destroyer USS Fitzgerald encountered at the coast of Japan with the Philippine cargo ship ACX Crystal. During a collision a few American sailors were injured, including captain Bryce Benson. Seven people had been missing.

Vice Admiral Joseph Aucoin said the actions of the crew of the rescue ship, saying the crew didn’t allow the destroyer to sink after it received extensive damage.
«The main blow fell on part of the ship below the waterline, and holes were huge. To keep the ship on the surface was difficult,» said Vice-Admiral.

According to preliminary data, some of the sailors slept at the moment of collision (this happened at night), and so they are instantly drowned. All on Board were 300 crew members.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sent condolences to the President of the United States Donald Trump. «We are with America in this difficult time,» said Abe.