The airline demanded $36 thousand with his mother who died in Parkland geography teacher

That is the amount presented Linda Bagel for a single flight from new York to Florida, including the return of the empty aircraft in the Big Apple.

On the day when Nicolas Cruz staged a mass shooting at a school in Florida, mother of Scott Bagala reported that her son was on the list of victims in a grave condition delivered in hospital. The woman, who was at that time in new York, beginning to urgently look for an opportunity to get to Parkland. As places on the next few flights were not, Linda Bagel with family have used the services of a Charter company Talon Air. By the way, the company’s clients are stars such as LeBron James and Martha Stewart.

«I had no idea that I would put up such an account. At the moment the details were not important to me. I only knew that my son is in the hospital, and I need as quickly as possible to get to it,» says Linda.

Today marks day 74 since my son Scott J. Beigel was shot and killed senselessly at the Parkland massacre. I have waited…

Posted by Linda Schulman on Monday, April 30, 2018

The woman did not know that she was given incorrect information. As soon as she landed in Florida, it turned out that the son diedtrying to save pupils at the school. Hope for a miracle died, but that was only the beginning of trouble.

In addition to the family the grief came financial problems. As it turned out, the bill for the flights the company has included the return of the empty plane back to new York. In the end, the original price of the flight component of us $18 thousand., doubled and brought the total bill to $36 thousand.

Linda Beigel immediately paid the required amount to avoid any problems, but asked the firm to reconsider its decision. The mother of the deceased Scott tried to explain the situation and assured that she is willing to pay $18 thousand for the flight. Her only request was the abolition of fees for the return of empty transport to new York. Talon Air is returned to the woman $2 thousand., saying — that’s all they can do. However, Linda was not going to give up and continued negotiations with the firm.

Attempts to convince the representatives of the company lasted 72 days. Exactly so have the patience of a heartbroken mother. Only after two with superfluous month she wrote a post on the social network.

«I never used the social network to do something like that. I waited and waited and waited and finally said it’s time to reach out for help and to see what would happen,» admitted the woman.

After receiving the letter below, I now consider this matter resolved.I want to thank Adam Katz, owner of Talon Air,…

Posted by Linda Schulman on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The next day she wrote to Talon Air owner Adam Katz. In his letter, he apologized for the actions of the company and explained that I had no idea about the situation. Katz assured Linda that the firm will not only return to her $18 thousand for the return flight of the aircraft and compensate for the entire cost of the flight.

«You survived the greatest tragedy that no parent should face. Since I myself am a parent, I was shocked when the message in Facebook has brought to my attention tonight,» wrote Katz.

Offer to return the entire amount the woman politely declined, after thanking the businessman for his involvement. Then the owner of the airline contributed the remaining $18 million on account of the charity Fund named Scott Bagala.

«I’m very grateful to Adam, I think he’s a solid guy. He immediately extended a helping hand and was very gracious in this matter,» — commented on the situation isolation Linda.