A woman from New Jersey were kept in the house 200 cats

A woman from New Jersey were kept in the house 200 cats

The owner of the cats was contacted via email with Byram Animal Rescue Kindess Squad (BARKS) and asked for help. When the veterinarian Karen Dichfild appeared in the house, she was shocked: «I, as a veterinarian and animal lover, said we have problems, and we will not stop until, until you factor out all the cats here and put them in other places.»

In BARKS said that the woman had collected and was collecting cats and with such a case they have not yet encountered. Darlene O’connell, the President BARKS, said, «It was awful: stench, feces and a lot of cats. We didn’t know then how many». At the moment they were taken from the house 70 cats. Each was examined, made the necessary injections and started looking for new owners.

Now some rescued cats are in Byram Animal Shelter, but the shelter can not take animals. Now they need to find pet owners before to take new cats. Most of the cats out of the house pregnant. O’connell said: «unfortunately, due to their living conditions and environment, many kittens are born already dead, they will not survive.»

Home «cat lady» is somewhere in the County of Sussex. BARKS does not disclose the exact address, as the owner of the cats has partnered with the organization. «This happened not because of greed, but out of love. She was trying to help these animals. But then the situation got out of control.»