In the state of new York has opened the hunting season for deer and bear

On Saturday, the new York state open hunting season on deer and bear. Today there live about 600 thousand licensed hunters. It is expected that hundreds of thousands of them go these days in the woods with a weapon in the hands of the new trophies.

Today marks the beginning of shotgun deer hunting season for New York’s southern zone.

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As reported by News 10, according to various estimates, the number of reindeer by the middle of November up to a million animals. Hunters in average shoot up to a quarter of the livestock for a short (less than a month) permitted period of hunting. A year later, the number of deer recovered.

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The Department of environmental protection recommends that the hunters of deer to voluntarily give up shooting youngsters, to give them the opportunity to grow and reproduce. 12 News also advises not to use lead ammunition is dangerous to those who then would have venison and threat to wildlife if lead a wounded deer will still be able to run away from the hunter.

Crossbow hunting for deer is a growing phenomenon in New York.

Last year, hunters took deer 11,758…

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The next few weeks so not the safest for walking in the woods, especially in the West of the State. Anything can happen, last year, for example, hunter Chautauqua shot and killed a woman in half an hour after sunset, thinking she is a deer. Of course, this is the only lost person on the hunt last year, and the authorities banned the shooting in the forest after sunset, but best be careful.

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Ryan Rockefeller, biologist of the Department of environmental protection of the state of new York, as quoted by the Rochester First, urges hunters to be careful and focused, «Definitely, when you see something big running through the woods, don’t lose your common sense.»

The biologist also recalled that, in the absence of natural population of wolves, bears and other predators in the woods, hunters need to try hard for the preservation of the natural balance: «Now we have even more deer and trees than there were 100 years ago. Deer can overpopulate some of the suburbs, where there is no hunting. I would like to hunters to remember that they are managers of wildlife, the most effective tool to control the population of deer.»

The hunting season will last from 17 November to 9 December.