How to transport a pet in the United States: vaccination, tickets, passport

Nowadays a pet is not just an animal, but a real member of the family. So if there is a question about moving abroad, pet, I always take. What you need to prepare and take with you in order to fly across the ocean? USA.One prepared answers to all the questions that are usually owners of livestock when moving or visiting the US.

Do I need to make a passport for the animal?

Any veterinary clinic you can issue a pet passport for your pet.

How to transport a pet in the United States: vaccination, tickets, passport

Inspection service for animal health in the USA (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service — APHIS) under the Department of agriculture (USDA) recommends that you apply for a certificate on the health status of the pet (e.g., APHIS Form 7001). The Agency warned that it may not be necessary, but they strongly recommend that such a certificate was issued by a veterinarian accredited by the USDA.

Do I need to be vaccinated?

Canine rabies was eliminated in the United States in 2007 and is under control in some other countries. But according to the Centers for control and prevention of diseases (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — CDC), Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other post-Soviet countries included in the list of States from which there is a high risk of importation of dog rabies in the United States. Therefore, all dogs coming from these countries must have a valid certificate of vaccination against this highly infectious disease.

According to the CDC, all dogs who have been vaccinated against rabies should receive vaccinations at least 4 weeks (28 days) before the trip. Puppies do not have to vaccinate, if at the time of travel they are under 3 months (12 weeks or 84 days).

Adult dogs (15 months and over) must have a veterinary certificate with history of previous vaccination against rabies (first needs to be done to achieve 3 months of age) and have a record of all re-vaccinations.

A certificate of vaccination against rabies must include the following information:

  • The name and address of the owner;
  • Breed, sex, date of birth (approximate age if date of birth unknown), color and other identifying information;
  • Date of vaccination against rabies and the information about the vaccine;
  • The date until which the vaccination is valid;
  • The name, license number, address and signature of the veterinarian who performed the vaccination.

But in addition to CDC regulations, you must also comply with the requirements of the Ministry of agriculture, U.S. (USDA) and state in which you are heading. It is important to know that often these rules are more stringent than Federal. And please note that dogs imported for commercial purposes (resale or new home), have additional requirements from USDAExternal.

According to the CDC, cats do not have to be vaccinated against rabies for importation into the United States. However, in some States, vaccination is required, so it is recommended to consult with state and local health authorities at the place of destination.

If your pet does not meet the requirements of the CDC, he may deny entry into the United States.

How to transport a pet in the United States: vaccination, tickets, passportCat in perenosenna whether to buy a ticket for the pet?

In principle, there is no such thing as a ticket for your pet. There are 2 options of how to fly your pet with you or without you. In any case, you must notify the airline that they booked a place for your pet. It is important to remember the following caveat: every airline has different policies on transportation of animals. For example, there are certain restrictions on the number of animals on Board the aircraft or in the cabin, so the sooner you deal with this issue, the better.

If your pet is a turtle, a parrot or a Guinea pig, it is necessary to discuss this point directly with the airline. For example, if you fly «Ukraine International airlines», the carrier performs transportation of dogs and cats in the cabin (up to 8 kg with its container) and as checked baggage (up to 75 kg with the container).

If we talk about the «Aeroflot», the airline allows the carriage of dogs, cats and birds as a special type of non-standard Luggage c payment for special baggage fare. Other Pets can also be allowed to Board if they are indoor domesticated animals.

The carriage of Pets is not cheap. The exception to the rule can be a guide dog, which has a certificate of special training, as well as the animal for emotional support.

The experience of readers

Julia Lavrov and Dexter

How to transport a pet in the United States: vaccination, tickets, passportChihuahua Dexter

«I transported the dog from Ukraine. We have a Chihuahua, informed the airline that we fly. On the day of departure the ticket he bought at the airport. Before departure less than a month — vaccinations, rabies necessarily. Chip, passport. Three days before departure need to the state veterinary clinic to get a certificate that the dog is healthy. With this certificate on the day of departure (and better for the day, so there was no fuss) at the airport go to the veterinary service that issues a certificate that the dog can fly. Pay it there. If the cabin is flying, the cage must meet the standards».

Anna Ulanowski and Venya

How to transport a pet in the United States: vaccination, tickets, passportVinnie, a cross between the Dachshund and the Terrier

«The ticket cost almost the same as for adults, my dog was 15 kg and the flight is only in the cage, away from people. Have not found a single airline who would agree to a dog in the cabin.
The dog I have is a calm, I bought the cage, which also must comply with the requirements, and begin to accustom him to it. No sedatives I gave. Put his favorite Mat, a toy and flew. He kept to himself, was cheerful and happy».

Natalia Priori and Nick

How to transport a pet in the United States: vaccination, tickets, passportLabrador Nick

«Lucky Labrador from Ukraine. Vaccination against rabies (more than a month before departure) and chip. Without a chip may not be released. Booked the ticket and immediately said that I will fly with the dog. 3 days prior to departure have a certificate in OSVETLENIE, on the day of departure changed it in Borispol on the certificate of the international sample. Flew Turkish airlines, Nick moved the road is very bad, but that’s another story. Suggest 1-1. 5 months before the flights begin to accustom the dog to the cage».

Overall, it’s everything you need to know before you travel with your pet. How to prep your pet, we will discuss in the following materials.