Police officers delivered a baby in the back seat of the car of the mother in the middle of the highway

Manhattan cops delivered a baby on a highway West Side from a woman, which the husband did not have time to take to the hospital.

Officers Michael Schiaffo and Ronald Vincent was headed for Times Square when they were stopped by a man near 22nd Street.

«I got to the car she was in labor,» he said Schiaffo. The baby’s head was visible, so the police officer jumped in the back seat, and Vincent and two other officers helped.

Spouses lucky because of Schiaffo was a former employee of the FDNY EMT who helped to be born of four children.

«Mother kept a stiff upper lip. She spoke with us. I told her to breathe, relax» — said the officer.

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Great job by #NYPD SRG assisting with the delivery of a baby girl. While on patrol the Officers were flagged down by a woman reporting a lady in labor in a nearby vehicle. Within minutes of arriving they are assisted in the delivery of a healthy baby girl. Mom & baby are doing well. pic.twitter.com/b7b3gkhQgT

— NYPD Special Ops (@NYPDSpecialops) August 11, 2019

The girl, called violet, was born without complications. Schiaffo gave the mother her newborn daughter. Just by the time the ambulance approached. The doctors cut the umbilical cord and taking the family to the hospital.

«I was in the right place at the right time, said Schiaffo. Is good, I feel really good. I’m just glad I could help.»