The girl died after the lightning strike threw her off a roof

A girl of 20 years who worked on a roof repair in Florida, died from injuries after she was struck by lightning.

Romelia Rodriguez – so called dead – died 9 Aug. She died two weeks later after he was thrown from the roof during roof repairs. Romelia was one of 6 people who have suffered from a lightning strike about 14:00 July 30, when they worked on the roof of a house in Wellington.

The County Sheriff’s office palm beach said that Romelia was on the roof near the air conditioner in the moment when lightning struck. The girl took the brunt of the forces of nature and fell from a 2-storey structure, told Sheriff’s deputies. It is reported that the roof was dropped another worker, but he has assisted physicians, and his life is not in danger. Other workers also were injured, but it is expected that they will soon recover.

Captain Alberto Borroto of the fire brigade of the County of palm beach, described the incident as «an unexpected thunderstorm, which quickly gained power.»

National Lightning Safety Council reported that this is the third death associated with the lightning strike in Florida in 2019. Although Florida is considered 4 in the list of places in the United States for number of lightning strikes per year, mortality from natural disasters in the state is very high because of the dense population and the amount of time many residents spend. According to the National Lightning Safety Council, 15% of deaths that occurred in the workplace between 2006 and 2018, was the result of a lightning strike the people who had laid the roof.

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Here’s two people who live in that complex who were home when the lightning hit.

— Andrew Lofholm (@AndrewLofholm) July 30, 2019

Lightning strikes are among the main dangers for roofers, was told by the RC Safety Advice columnist Chip MacDonald. Male 59 years old in Alabama died in June after a lightning strike, when he worked on the roof, and in 2016, the impact of the same disaster took the life of 29-year-old men working on roof on South Florida.

This year, there were 12 deaths that occurred as a result of a lightning bolt.