«We were going to live and die together»: a Man whose wife was killed in the shooting in El Paso, was asked to come to the funeral everyone who can

A man whose wife was killed during the mass shooting last week in El Paso, invited all who could come to her funeral. Antonio Basco explained that he no longer has family in town to join a funeral service.

In a touching post on Facebook Funeral home «Perches» wrote: Antonio Basco hopes that the funeral will come more people, as the couple has no family in the city. They posted a heartbreaking photo of a lone Antonio at the memorial.

«Mr. Antonio Basco was married for 22 years to Margie Rekard. He has no family nearby. He invites everyone to attend the funeral of his wife».

The funeral is scheduled for Friday. «Let’s show him and his wife love El Paso,» wrote the funeral home.

A response to the request Perches Funeral Homes has surpassed all expectations leadership: the post was shared more than 11 thousand people from across the United States.

«People are calling from everywhere, from new Mexico, California, Nevada — say they will come, ask how to get to us. — said Harrison Johnson, Director of the funeral home — there Will be a lot of people».

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According to him, the service promised to visit so many people that had to find her a more spacious room. In the selected initially the chapel had space for 250 people — and is now expected «three times more».

Antonio says that he misses his wife, more than ever, and added that Margie will always be his angel.

«We were going to live together and die together. he said That was our plan.»