Girl from Dallas put his dog in the dryer and with a laugh included. The video has caused shock and outrage

Instagram users were shocked by the record, which the girl put the dog in the dryer and turned it on, causing the animal to spin in the drum.

The girl, presumably from Dallas (Texas), posted a cruel joke in the Instagram story.

In the video she says: “I put this s…Itza in the dryer, much like him.” Then calls his pet and puts the drum, turns it, starts laughing hysterically and clapping.

Hear the animal inside is spinning. She opens the door of the dryer in about five seconds, and from it in a panic selects a dog. He looks offended and totally lost.

She helps him out and says with a laugh: «I’m Sorry».

This doesn’t put her dog in a dryer and turned it on. She needs to be made famous

— Jessica Fletcher (@heckyessica) August 11, 2019

The girl deleted my account on Instagram after the video Apostoli Twitter and Reddit, and users promised to inform the incident to the police and PETA.

«Violence against animals is a criminal offense, — said one of the commentators — and she’s clearly a sociopath, just not going through due to the fact that causes others pain. The death of the unfortunate dog — only a matter of time. Then it will start to hurt people».

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Damn right! This is animal abuse, which is a felony. She has no regards for hurting another being, which is called sociopath. It’s a matter of time before this poor dog ends up dead. & She’ll go on to start hurting people.

— IGotaName (@igotaname_pets) August 11, 2019

I went directly to the Dallas pd website and posted a crime tip with a link to this. I’m certain others gave to. If they are bombarded with requests to investigate I’m sure they will. Now I just hope we get will get news that something was done about it.

— Lee-Marie Bartow (@LeeLee2k) August 11, 2019

«I went to the website of the Dallas police and sent the video link. — said another woman — <…> I Hope soon we will report that we have taken some measures.»

I hate people who abuse living things for the clout. If that meant endangering animals attention then was it really worth it?
There’s nothing funny about this and I’m sure the Dallas police department will do something about her.

I hope that dog will have a safer home.

Nathan Cody Castro (@ncastro46) August 11, 2019

«I hate people who hurt others for the sake of hype. — said third — If, to get attention, you need to expose animals to the risk, is it worth it? In such there is nothing funny and I’m sure the Dallas police would intervene. I hope this dog will find a better home.»

This sicko put her dog in the dryer & it ran! Internet do your thing!

— 🍿 KEEM (@KEEMSTAR) August 11, 2019

This POS put her dog in the dryer and ran it. from r/iamatotalpieceofshit