American requires fast food $5 thousand as moral damages for the fact that they stopped making the popular chicken sandwich

A resident of Chattanooga (tn) filed for a chain of fast food restaurants Popeyes for what they removed from the menu of popular chicken sandwiches.

According to the Times Free Press, Craig Barr has filed a lawsuit against the company in Louisiana for false advertising and deceptive business practices that caused him to spend «countless hours» to drive to the local fast food restaurants and back again in search of a sandwich.

According to Barra, he was bred for $25 the person who placed the ad, claiming it could give him the coveted sandwich of those that hide the restaurant staff.

Barr also claimed that he was humiliated when his friends laughed at him.

Popeyes sues Man, claims he suffered ’emotional damage’, trying to track down a chicken sandwich.

— WWL-TV (@WWLTV) August 30, 2019

«I can’t be happy, my head just this sandwich. I can’t think of anything else, he said. — It just absorbs you.»

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The sandwich has become an unexpected online sensation over the weekend that led to long queues. The speakers and doorways in restaurants began to appear signs warning customers that the restaurants over the sandwiches because of the unexpectedly large volumes.

Barr, who owns a company in the automotive industry, argues that Popeyes has deliberately downplayed the number of sandwiches to increase the popularity and attract attention. So he requires $5 million in moral damage compensation.