«Bride of the monster» forbade the children of her future husband to attend a wedding — but will make the pass around snacks

Wedding — a great reason to gather the whole family together, but what if the future wife doesn’t want to see the ceremony of your children?

The anonymous bride from USA asked users Facebook of the Board, stating that he was in a «difficult» situation and doesn’t know how to tell the children of her future husband that they are not destined to be part of the big day.

According to the woman, «very important» to present four of her children since their father died when they were very small and the wedding will be an important stage in their lives. The groom has two children from former wife, however, in the opinion of the author of the post, for them, the ceremony means a lot less since they «already had» the wedding of the parents.

The woman wants to foster children kept «out of the way» to the big day, but at the same time expects that they will be serving snacks to guests at a reception after the ceremony. As justification, the bride assures that children will be «pride of place» in the first row at the ceremony and they «will be some photo».

The woman is sure that its position is entirely justified, as she was unable to arrange a lavish wedding, which was the dream — due child support of $1,500 paid each month by the groom’s ex-girlfriend.

«I so much wanted to do. I feel I have a right to have the wedding on their terms.»

The post instantly went viral — but hardly for the reasons expected by the birthday girl. Most commentators agreed that the woman is incredibly cruel and seemingly punishes the children for the child support, and one even called it «disgusting and pathetic creature.»

«What a nice lady, — said another — I think the groom is very lucky.»