White supremacists threaten «civil war» if Trump loses election

White supremacists threaten «civil war» if Trump loses election

A video has emerged online in which a supporter of the ultra-radical group Proud Boys warns that a «civil war» will begin if Donald Trump is not re-elected in November — and advises people to stock up on weapons. The clip was filmed during a Trump rally in Staten Island, New York.

A Proud Boys supporter claims the group is «not aggressive,» despite reporting violent clashes and clashes with liberal groups and Antifa.

“We are like the Marines, we are the first to come,” he adds.

When the blogger filming the video asks how the group reacted to Trump's comments about «stepping aside,» the man said the president told Proud Boys to «wait for his orders.»

A Proud Boys supporter then warns of what will happen if Trump doesn't win the election.

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“If Trump is not re-elected, there will be a riot. If he is not elected, then you will see civil war. «

«My recommendation to everyone is to stock up on ammunition, take weapons.»

Then the interview ends and the video ends.

The blogger who filmed the video tweeted that he intends to post the full interview online soon.

The Proud Boys have also previously admitted that they have enough followers of QAnon: a conspiracy theory that believes Trump is waging a secret war against the «shadow state» and high-ranking pedophiles who worship the devil.