The most common myths about America and Americans

The most common myths about America and Americans

The United States is the state that everyone talks about. There are stereotypes about him, 10 of which are discussed in detail in this article.

Unhealthy diet: fast food, freezing, overeating The most common myths about America and Americans

This is partly true. Americans cook little to save time. Instead, they order food from a pizzeria or buy hamburgers. At the same time, the restaurant business in the field of national dishes is actively developing in the country.
America is a multinational country, it has Vietnamese cafes, Japanese sushi bars, French bakeries … In prestigious restaurants and cafes, waiters offer a second drink if they see that the first one has finished drinking or is running out. It can be iced tea, soda or soda, and most of the time it's free. Hence such a national problem as obesity.

The second factor in the appearance of excess weight in most Americans was the food crisis — people lost their food culture, they began to eat «for future use.» At the moment, many Americans have begun to pay more attention to healthy eating, so they prefer organic food stores to supermarkets, or they buy from local farmers.

Laziness This item can include several sub-items:

  • Spend their whole life in a car, avoiding walking . In fact, Americans are forced to drive cars, because. they do not have such a developed public transport industry as in Eurasia.
  • Few do sports. To stay in good physical shape, it is not necessary to purchase subscriptions to gyms or sports sections. Many state parks have jogging and biking trails, people do yoga on the lawns, kids play basketball in the yards, and there are plenty of surfers on the coast.
  • Don't want to sweep the streets or pick up grocery carts in the parking lot. A native of any country wants to work in a prestigious position, and Americans are no exception. Especially those who took out a loan to study at the university. Therefore, for low-paid vacancies, more applications come from migrants.
  • They don't read. This is a myth, because there are no fewer readers than in any other country. But many schoolchildren are lazy, and therefore, instead of reading a work assigned by the teacher during the summer holidays, they look for ready-made essays on the Internet.
  • And officially, Americans have fewer holidays and days off than Russians or Europeans . But this can be discussed with the employer individually.

    Ah, that fake smile The most common myths about America and Americans

    Russians are accustomed to considering Americans as hypocrites because even a complete stranger can come up, say hello and ask "how are you". It's all about upbringing: they show friendliness and openness in this way. Therefore, Russians seem rude to them if they do not reciprocate.

    They are taught this from childhood: “say hello to your aunt”, “ask the boy how he is doing”, etc. But they are as polite as possible only where it is welcomed.

    There are a lot of homeless people on the streets This is true, and is justified by several factors:

    • a low mortgage rate would help solve the problem if it were not for the expensive maintenance of housing, but only people with excellent credit history approve of it;
    • US Department of Veterans Affairs provides only 70% of veterans housing;
    • the authorities of large cities are trying to get rid of poor neighborhoods — elite apartment complexes are being built on the site of the old housing stock, and as a result people either move to small cities or become homeless;
    • liquidation of trade unions and difficulties in finding work;
    • li>

    • asocial lifestyle.

    Volunteer organizations and state social payments come to the aid of the homeless: at the time of writing, this is $ 710 for personal needs and $ 200 for food.

    Oklahoma is not the poorest state and Washington is not the richest The most common myths about America and AmericansOklahoma has a high crime rate due to racial persecution and unemployment, but in general this state is richer:

  • Louisiana. The economy of this region has been hit hard by natural disasters. The income level of residents began to decline, and unemployment — to grow.
  • Alabama. It is an agrarian state with a previously high income from agriculture, but in recent decades, fertile soils have been severely affected by natural disasters.
  • North Carolina. In this state, the level of agricultural production has sharply decreased and the number of homeless people has increased. One in six people cannot afford health insurance.
  • More paradoxically, Washington is not the richest state, even though the capital has the highest salaries. If we look at GDP per capita, statistics on the unemployed and people who purchase health insurance, their purchasing power and social status, then in ten states people live richer than Washingtonians.

    According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) they are:

    • California;
    • Texas;
    • New York;
    • Florida;
    • Illinois;
    • Pennsylvania;
    • Ohio;
    • New Jersey;
    • Virginia;
    • Michigan.

    California also has the largest number of households in the entire country at over 3,000,000. At the time of writing, their annual income exceeds $125,000.

    Thinking skills The most common myths about America and Americans

    This stereotype is built primarily on that these people do not know geography outside the country well. The thing is that people prefer to travel around their homeland. But this should in no way form a stereotype about the erudition of Americans — this country is famous for world scientists, programmers, engineers and qualified doctors.

    It is worth noting that the level of education of future graduates may suffer due to the abolition of state exams, which serve as an analogue USE, in Michigan and some other states. Also, some American graduates may not only not take exams, but also receive certificates of completed courses listing the acquired skills, on the basis of which a document on secondary education will be issued.

    Based on all of the above, we can say that not Americans are so different from other nations. They are friendly, but not hypocritical, and also survive as best they can, and love their country.