Wine and chocolate will help you lose weight, say scientists

Wine and chocolate will help you lose weight, say scientists

Having decided to get rid of extra pounds, many of us The first thing they do is decide to limit the amount of many of their favorite treats in their diet — including chocolate, cheeses and wine. But, as Professor Tim Spector reports, we don't have to deny ourselves these pleasures: on the contrary, they help to cultivate bacteria in our bodies that will help us stay slim.

During his speech at the Oxford Literary Festival, Professor noted that one of the keys to good physical shape and successful diets is to eat as wide a range of foods as possible: this way, our body produces more beneficial microbes.

Wine, cheese and chocolate help the development of intestinal bacteria that perform healing functions, — Spector explained — while fast food destroys the flora they create. According to the professor, it is changes in the "microbial" The environment in our stomachs is responsible for the obesity epidemic that has exploded in recent years.

The human gut is home to some 3,500 species of microbes — but their diversity is rapidly declining, not least due to excessive consumption of processed foods and antibiotics.

"Fifteen years ago, our diet included 150 products per week. — notes the scientist — Today their number barely reaches 20."


photo: Courtesy CC/ Johnson