Why do Americans move to Texas?

Why do Americans move to Texas?

Recently, Texas has become a center of attraction for businessmen, entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens of America . Over the past 3 years, about 2 million people have moved to the state, most of them from California. What attracted them so much to the homeland of Westerns, cowboys, ranches and the tough character of the Wild West? Read today in USA.ONE magazine:

Why Americans go to live in Texas

This is the fastest growing US state in which modern technologies are developing. It is the base for large businesses. And affordable pricing is a factor that will make Texas the most populous state in America within the next 20 years. But first things first.

Why is Texas attractive to US residents? Why do Americans move to Texas?Why do Americans move to Texas?photo: forumdaily.com

The state has 35 cities, including Dallas, Houston and Austin. They are the most attractive for living and moving. It's no secret that even Elon Musk established Tesla's headquarters in Texas, moving it from California. It is here that the headquarters of 55 corporations included in the Fortune 500 list are located. Compared to other states, this is the highest figure.

More and more companies are moving their production to Texas due to the lack of income taxes for individuals and businesses. For comparison, in California, the business tax varies from 1 to 12.3%. Texas also has one of the lowest gas prices in the United States. While the national average is $0.29, in the state it is $0.20.

In addition, with rapid development in the state, housing prices remain reasonable. An apartment with one bedroom and a kitchen-living room in Houston and Dallas will cost $1000-1200, and in Austin — $1300. At the same time, in Los Angeles and San Diego it is almost impossible to find something cheaper than $2500-3000 per month. In San Francisco, prices for apartments with the same parameters start from $3000-3500.

Why do Americans move to Texas?Why do Americans move to Texas?photo: gd-home.com

Buying a home in Texas is also cheaper than in California. For a small house in Dallas they ask from $300,000, while in Los Angeles — from $700,000. It is logical to assume that if real estate is relatively inexpensive, then salaries are not too high, but no. For example, in Dallas, the average salary is $66,000 per year, which is the best wage-to-price ratio in America. But you need to take into account that in Texas, property taxes are quite high for the country, amounting to 1-2% of its value. However, the absence of a business tax compensates for this shortcoming.

Texas is increasingly being compared to Silicon Valley, as it is gradually becoming the IT capital of the United States. People come here not only for IT development and starting a business, but also to get a technical education, launch a startup and do networking. It is in Texas that the world-famous Texas Southern University, UT Austin, Texas Tech and other higher education institutions are located. The University of Texas, for example, is a leader in space exploration, cybersecurity, and nanotechnology.

Texas is therefore a great place to live, start up, and pursue a professional career. It can offer a warm climate, low cost of living, developed urban infrastructure, as well as a strong networking system of entrepreneurs and businessmen. In addition, the state has a low unemployment rate, which means that everyone can find a job in it.

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