Countries voted the happiest in the world

Countries voted the happiest in the world

For each state that is included in the ranking of the happiest, the criteria for determining this indicator will be different. For example, in the Russian Federation they are based primarily on economic indicators, while at the same time taking into account the degree of satisfaction of the population with the laws that have been adopted. At the moment, information on the happiness coefficient in the Russian Federation is not published, but other countries can also be analyzed.

Judging by the feedback from clients of the migration company Trust Group, Russian migrants also generally choose the most prosperous countries as their final destination for migration. At the same time, they usually obtain citizenship in other countries, whose passports allow them to move freely almost all over the world.

What Columbia University thinks about the happiest countries

Similar studies have been conducted here since 2012. The results obtained form the basis for the ranking of the happiest countries.

The happiness coefficient is calculated based on six criteria:

  • GDP volume;
  • opportunity to choose;
  • level of corruption;
  • unemployment in the country;
  • life expectancy of a person;
  • number of friends a citizen has.

In addition, countries are compared based on their economic situation and political structure. Participation in charity events, as well as family relationships, are taken into account. Thus, it was possible to create an average happy person whose life expectancy is 79 years or more, he is satisfied with the government of his country, does not feel loneliness, has a goal in life and is actively involved in charitable activities.

Countries voted the happiest in the worldCountries voted the happiest in the world

What do British scientists think about this

Similar studies are conducted based on non-economic indicators. British scientists believe that the situation in the country does not have much impact on the happiness of the nation.

According to the New Economics Foundation, a happy person is one who will live at least 79 years, being meanly satisfied with his life . Costa Rica was in first place according to this criterion, Mexico was in second, Colombia was in third, and as for the Russian Federation, it took 116th place. Such a rating is based on three criteria at once. The average life expectancy, the quality of life, as well as the human impact on the environment in the country are taken into account.

Version of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Well-being and indicators of economic development form the basis of this rating. 36 countries are subject to assessment, and 12 criteria are taken into account at once, ranging from family income to civic engagement. According to the results of this rating, the happiest people live in Norway, citizens of Australia are slightly behind them, and Icelanders occupy third place.