The baby survived three days in a dumpster

The baby survived three days in a dumpster

The minor’s mother tried to get rid of 8-month-old daughter, but the girl managed to survive in hellish conditions. Case in Elmira, new York fits the definition of «miracle.»

On Saturday around noon sisters Kyle and Karen Sills heard a strange rustling out of a garbage can standing near their home. They thought the sound of the animal, but decided to check what was happening.

The baby survived three days in a dumpster

Looking into the container, Kyle was taken aback: white plastic bag sticking out child leg. The girl got the baby and found that he was alive. «It was a girl 8 months. She didn’t open her eyes, but was still breathing. When I took the baby to the bathroom, she opened her mouth and I was able to give her some water,» says the Savior.

Arrived at the scene, paramedics took the girl to a local hospital where she was diagnosed with dehydration. As it turned out, the baby had been in the bag for three days.

At the moment, the miracle baby is in stable condition, according to the doctors, soon completely restored.

Attempted Murder Arrest

Elmira Police Dept. (@ElmiraPolice) August 9, 2017

Her mother, 17-year-old native of Pennsylvania of Harriett M. Hoyt was arrested and charged with attempted murder. The hearing date is scheduled for August 14. If found guilty, she will spend in prison from 5 to 25 years.