In new Jersey caught the alligator

In new Jersey caught the alligator

From a Motel pool in Atlantic city caught the alligator.

Reptile with a length of about four feet quietly swam in the pool, the Bayview Inn & Suites at the Albany Avenue in Atlantic city, new Jersey.

In new Jersey caught the alligator

Initially, the police did not even imagine what awaits them is a godsend. They came to the Motel to arrest 25-year-old Jamal Campos, who is accused of distribution of drugs, particularly heroin, due to overdose in which the person died.

«During a search of all the 80 rooms of the Motel was also discovered drugs, weapons, and several people were arrested, including Campos», — told the publication Press of Atlantic City district attorney Damon Tyner.

At a place called the staff to monitor the animals that pulled the alligator out of the pool. The animal was taken in the zoo of the County of Cape may. It is unknown who put the pool in alligator, and how long he was there, but the authorities said that the Motel is located near the sanctuary Lakes Bay.

«We have already called this Motel,» says the officer of animal control. «They kept seven dogs, and one pit bull was shot by police as he attacked them.»

The Motel owner did not return calls, and the door to his office boarded up.