Brooklyn noticed something like a spaceship

Brooklyn noticed something like a spaceship

Passers-by in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, turned heads and stopped to take pictures of the amazing space ship that was parked on the street.

In fact it is the car of a local resident, Charles Walters. Walters the father of two children and entrepreneur, but he is very interested in unmanned aerial vehicles, and space travel.

«The ship,» he made from your vehicle, Chevrolet Blazer, «the prisoner» in steel sheets.
«People stop, look and think: «What is this?» says Charles. He told NBC 4that he built with his assistants this design over a year ago in Bushwick, and usually the car is in the garage, but this weekend, Charles decided to leave it to play with their children and, of course, to surprise the brooklynites.

«What is this life, if you can’t have fun and be a freak?», — laughs Walters.
One of the drivers passing by, stopped and asked Charles what that car.
«It’s a spaceship. I want to go into space?», replied Walters.

The Owner Of the Mysterious Silver Spaceship Tank Revealed To Be Brooklyn Dad, Of Course #NYCPublishings

— NYC Publishings (@NYCPublishings) August 16, 2017

i made of bunch of gifs of this 2 days after the election and it was oddly therapeutic

— Miranda Katz (@mirandakatz) August 16, 2017