In metro Los Angeles is testing the scanners

In metro Los Angeles is testing the scanners

Wednesday morning commuters at Union Station, hurrying to their trains, faced with a new obstacle near the entrance to the subway: on their way was a microwave scanners, such as those that are at the airports designed to detect weapons and explosives.

When the passengers were held between two high columns of silver, a shortwave radio frequency scanning their bodies and sent data into a computer system that tested them for the presence of explosives, reports LATimes.

In metro Los Angeles is testing the scanners

Testing of the scanners, which take passengers on request, will continue until Thursday.
This test run is part of a broader project MTA in search of technologies that will help to deter or detect possible threats to public safety.

«Although we will not be able to create a fully protected space, like at the airport, we want to find a way to more effectively test passengers, — said the head of the security service of the underground Alex Wiggins. We’re trying to warn a threat.»

After testing is complete, metro will review the accuracy of the results, and then will make the decision on the procurement of scanners. One device costs about $ 60,000, all in all, metro will need to purchase and install 20 of these scanners, and this is only for Union Station, says Wiggins.

He also said that, most likely, such measures will apply on days when the security services will be informed about the increased risk of attack. Backpacks, briefcases and Luggage will continue to be inspected manually.

Scanners that are being tested in Los Angeles, have already passed the test in the subway of Washington and Denver.