In new York, will be a night mayor

In new York, will be a night mayor

Today, August 24, among other matters, the city Council of new York will consider the bill on the night mayor.

No, it’s not the under bill de Blasio, who will perform his duties until the «day» the mayor is asleep. This is a man who acts as a link between the municipality and representatives of the nightlife new York city clubs, restaurants, bars, reports Gothamist.

In new York, will be a night mayor

«It will help solve the problems that inevitably arise between the owners, local residents, developers and so on,» says city Council member Rafael Espinal.

«Night culture of new York is an integral part of his identity, but the bureaucracy and rising rents do not contribute to its development,» he adds.

The bill also includes the creation of the Advisory Board for the night life. It will consist of 12 people — stakeholders, ranging from service workers to expert in zoning. Eight members of the Council will be appointed by the Chairman of the city Council, four by the mayor.

Night mayors already exist in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Paris, Toulouse. They represent the interests of the nightlife, but so that it does not interfere with the residents, who at night prefer to sleep.

So, for example, in Amsterdam night city hall has even created his own squad of «vigilantes»who come to help, if you need to calm the raging customers. The police only as a last resort.