Hawaii: where winter never comes

Hawaii: where winter never comes

When everything is covered with snow, people wrapped in garland, pour cocoa with marshmallows, and you dream of scorching sun and hot sand under your feet… it’s time to go to Hawaii! There, where eternal summer reigns. What’s the address? Which cafes and restaurants to eat? Let’s see what is so good about Hawaii.

National Geographic, which we blindly trust, for example, believes required to visit the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

Directors «Jurassic Park» apparently think so too, so the film decided to shoot right here in Paradise, framed by emerald jungle. Here, everything seems to have survived in its original form, in which it was conceived God. Escape from the crowded world of digital technology, have a digital detox and yoga retreat – course here.

Hawaii: where winter never comes

The best time to go to Kauai today. No joke, the season is here always. The temperature never drops below 23 degrees and the summer will hold at 27-28. The only November–April is the season for tropical rains in the North. But there’s always a way to shelter from the downpours possible in the South. And it’s only an hour and a half drive!

Lifelong dream to see whales? The largest mammal of our planet begins to migrate in the period from December to may – at this time you can easily face with a family of humpback.

Getting around the island is best in a rented car. And to order a ride directly to the airport – on the island, there is absolutely no public transport so driving to the hotel by taxi will cost you at least $ 100. For romantics and environmentalists have laid along the ocean shoreline veloput the Kapaa Bike Path – this way you can see the entire Eastern part of the island.

Hawaii: where winter never comes

It is important to see

North Kauai has a Secret beach. And as usual, to be near to something sacred and confidential – need to work hard to find it. The last way will be rewarded with pristine scenery, not crowded with tourists. And the bonus is absolutely authentic island of Niihau.

Local residents do not use electricity, and move only by bike. This lifestyle attracts fauna – are frequent visitors here seals to soak up the sun.

The pearl of the island of Kauai called Hanalei beach – it most often draw on local postcards. And evening programs are fine Hawaiian shows Luau Kalamaku.

Entertainment abound on Kauai – helicopter tours, Hiking in the depths of a frozen volcano, farmer’s markets, abundance of exotic fruits. And, of course, interesting places!

Carbohydrate Breakfast on the island will provide a pancake Banandi. Tasty and fragrant pancakes with classic fillings: chicken and cheese, salmon, mozzarella and salami, mushrooms and tomatoes, Nutella, caramel or honey, lemon and sugar.

To feel the full local flavor in the Beer brewery Kauai.

And romantic to spend the evening on the ocean in the restaurant Lava Lava Beach Club.

Hawaii: where winter never comes

Danger on the island

The ocean

beautiful and boundless, vast and unpredictable. So for swimming without consequences find beaches where you can count on the help of rescuers.


– our smaller brothers, such related, but are different. It would not have pulled a beautiful stroke of a seal or a large turtle calm – keep your distance. They often get out on the land for photo shoots, but not for tactile contacts with outsiders. And the state protects them securely for the invasion of personal space of wild animals of the penalty, the sum of $ 5,000.

The sun

gives us vitamin D and a good mood, warm barrel, but long-term fellowship becomes dangerous. So don’t forget to protect the skin from undue attention sunscreen.

Seashells and other natural heritage of the island.

– How would not like to take away as a memory. In order to avoid problems at customs please leave all involved to flora and fauna at Home. And leave yourself a photograph and a promise to come back.