The most beautiful feast: where to celebrate New year in USA

The most beautiful feast: where to celebrate New year in USA

The new year is a family holiday, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit at home! Why not take the whole family to the neighboring state? And where in this magical night will be beautiful and interesting of all, we’ll see.

The most beautiful feast: where to celebrate New year in USA

New York

Decorated for the New year at Times Square – a real Miss universe. Seen it all, but live? Bright lights, fireworks, music and happy people. New York city is awash in confetti and cheers of happiness. The celebration is not limited to the main street, it continues in parks, clubs and restaurants.

The most beautiful feast: where to celebrate New year in USA

For example, a great option for a family restaurant, which is located right in the heart of Times Square, Guy’s American Kitchen.

In the menu there is everything that you ask. And even more. Classic American cuisine, craft beer, unique cocktails and awesome music.

Almost at the foot of the glass ball is Chevy»s NYC that offers absolutely authentic Mexican atmosphere. Families, couples or those who celebrate yourself – all are invited to a Mexican Fiesta-style Luxury.

To celebrate the New year in luxury and pomp, head to the historic and most valuable ballroom in the city. It is new York city’s Gotham Hall.

Before it was the building of the headquarters of Greenwich Savings Bank, and now – a spectacular and truly magical the ballroom. The location boasts the perfect combination of classic elegance and contemporary chic.

The most beautiful feast: where to celebrate New year in USA

Los Angeles

The famous walk of fame, studded with Golden stars and hand prints of movie stars – here is located Hollywood. Naturally, the list of attractions of Los Angeles are endless, but today we care about more: where to celebrate New year? And here in Los Angeles is striking in its versatility.

New year’s eve party in the classic sense – is in the Ace Hotel.

There will be a lot of luxury, theater and ballet shows, and even sumo wrestling matches. Refined and elegant evening you provided.

If your soul is required of Zen and harmony to this night, you can spend time in meditation Ra Ma Institute.

This opportunity, by the way, used by many Hollywood stars. Imagine: the Assembly of the people, but no sequins and plenty of flowers, no noise and alcohol. All in white, live music, and you are treated to a gluten-free vegan pie. Yoga and meditation – the keynotes of the celebration, contributing a total peace of mind and absolutely saturated with good air.

And yet, we invite you to celebrate the New year at the station. Union Station spend NYE Prohibition Party – which will reign the spirit of 20-ies. Where you can feel like an actor in the film «the Great Gatsby», and meet with many Hollywood stars.

The most beautiful feast: where to celebrate New year in USA

New Orleans

Rumor has it that no state celebrates New year as it makes New Orleans. Here know how to have fun. Live music, fireworks, magicians, fortune tellers, parades and burlesque. The Big Easy – as it is called – this is a permanent celebration of life where ever you drink, sing and walk.

By the way, guys New Orleans is so much fun – drop window beads, passing by the girls to those in response bared Breasts. Just keep in mind before the walk.

And yet, it seems that in new Orleans music more than all of US. As well as mysticism. Here it was filmed all American horror movies? The air was filled with mystery, from trees has weird. You are not scary, not creepy, but the chill felt. That’s such an atmospheric celebration here and worth the drive.

If during vacation I want to fully immerse yourself in new story – Lodge hotel in the French Quarter.

Enviable location – in the center, star hotel – Elvis Presley and the Clintons. And the main highlight of the cast.

Where to go in New Orleans new year’s eve? Hyatt Regency ‘s celebration promises to be the most glamorous. Right in the city centre you will be a hot dance floor, open bar all night, DJs and musicians – all seasoned with scenery and special effects. Big Night New Orleans is waiting for you!

Zoo Year’s Eve – here you can go with the children on the eve of the celebration – from 10.30 am to 12.30 PM. There will be games, prizes, music, and everything you need kids. Audubon Zoo

The most beautiful feast: where to celebrate New year in USA


If snow, tinsel and fireworks – not for you, the choice is made – go to Miami. In addition to holiday there are not less than at Times Square. The most extroverted and cheerful go to the main street – Miami Beach – Ocean Drive. Fireworks, people in strange costumes and dancing till you drop. Street, of course, becomes a pedestrian all night. Instead of cars there will be stalls with food and drinks, Souvenirs and holiday paraphernalia.

In Miami, you can celebrate the New year and away from the hustle – on the yacht. You can go as a couple, or even a company of 13 people. Companies providing such services are many. For example, the Majesty 66 is a luxury yacht, with a large and comfortable table for gatherings, with space for sunbathing, where sun beds even fit.