How to travel in San Francisco

How to travel in San Francisco

Global tourist center with a cool summer fog, hilly terrain and a particular combination of different architectural styles. San Francisco is located in California and surrounded by water on three sides. The Pacific ocean provides the city with cool breeze, but snow here is almost never.

Pay a visit to San Francisco is best between March to October – the weather is quite warm but not too hot. Warm clothes to take with me necessarily – more likely to awaken from your slumber you will have ice cold Pacific air. Waking up, you find a white foggy haze covering the city. Although, if you get up closer to lunch – such a spectacle does not threaten you.

How to travel in San Francisco

San Francisco can be entirely around 30 minutes, so it is better to prolong the pleasure, and Hiking.

How to travel in San Francisco

Where to live

Best to settle in the historic part of San Francisco (Western Addition). Wooden Victorian houses with towers – that our cosy and atmospheric version. Such housing is, as in any other part of the world, is changing the world through Airbnb.

How’s the food

There is a certain peculiarity to the hours of operation of local institutions: some of them are open from early morning until noon, the other from 5 PM to night. Unlike other cities of America (and the world), here are indifferent to the interiors. So appearance can be frightening and repulsive, the space is small and the chairs are plastic. But we do for food? And its quality are all right here. And you will be pleasantly surprised by the gigantic portions. First, try to order one for two.

Great place for Breakfast – Hollywood Cafe. Lots of fresh fruit and berries – charge of the proper carbs in the morning. There is almost always queues. But don’t worry, they move quickly.

Omelets, French toast, eggs Benedict, sandwiches and pancakes. Homely atmosphere and friendly restaurant. It’s all about Mama’s on Washington Square.

Almost everyone who comes to San Francisco, a visit to this legendary place. If you are too introverted, know that the tables here are fairly close to each other.

Very nice interior – in Don of The Bimini Twist restaurant with an abundance of seafood. The prices are a little expensive, but absolutely justified.

How to travel in San Francisco


To enjoy nature, choose a route from the beach, Sutro Baths and on to the Golden Gate. There will be beaches, and cliffs, and forests.

Make sure to go through the Golden Gate. This bridge connects the city of San Francisco and southern Marin County. On the other side will be more mild climate and green nature, the most breathtaking views and all the locations of American movies about San Francisco. Evergreen giant sequoias are also waiting for you here in the Park Muir Woods.

If the active way of exploring the city for you to explore the route, The wiggle. It stretches from Market Street to Golden Gate Park. And is very popular with the locals.

And they love ice cream IT’S IT that you definitely need to try. The history of the brand began in 1928, when George Whitney placed a scoop of vanilla ice cream between two giant freshly baked oatmeal cookies and then dipped the sandwich into dark chocolate.

Silicon valley

Silicon valley – that’s why the city became so expensive. Although this technology centre is 40 km away from San Francisco. Here are concentrated the most talented pros. Here come the most defining and fatal ideas in the world of technology. Nothing happens here that changes our lives. The works and abilities of all workers are paid the relevant figures – so San Francisco became the most expensive city in the States. Can afford it.

Museum Walt Disney

In 2009, the daughter of a genius of animation Walt Disney opened in San Francisco Museum in honor of his father. In the exhibition and personal belongings of the hero, and films and materials to them. There are even some that we haven’t seen before. 215 monitors and a full cinema. All this is situated in the Park of the Royal Fort of San Francisco.