American Airlines saved 2 girls from sexual slavery

American Airlines saved 2 girls from sexual slavery

Naive resident of Sacramento, 15 and 17, lured by the chance to become models and appear in the video, went to new York on the first call of a Dreya, whom she met in Instagram. The man invited the girls for the weekend and even paid them the plane tickets — as it turned out, at one end.

Young dreamer, hastily collecting bags, rushed to the airport without saying a word to my parents. I can only imagine what would have been their fate if not for the vigilance of an employee of American Airlines.

American Airlines saved 2 girls from sexual slavery

When the young passenger approached the airline Desk at the international airport in Sacramento, Denise miracle alerted suspicious details: the girls were going to fly without an adult, with a decent Luggage, the tickets were in first class, one-way and paid for by a third party.

«It seems like they ran away from home,» recalls an employee of the airline.

Miracle told the girls that they can’t get on a plane, and called in the Sheriff’s office.

It soon became clear that the flight of the girls was paid with a stolen credit card and the «Drey» deleted my profile in Instagram.

Realizing what they were up to, cancelled model was horrified. Law enforcement fugitives sent home notifying the parents that their daughter almost became victims of trafficking.

By the way, in June 2017 American Airlines officially pledged to respect the tourism code regarding the protection of children, one of whose objectives is the prevention of sexual exploitation of a minor.