Stay in space hotel will become a reality over the $792 thousand per day

You are so tired of people that deserted island is not enough for a good rest? Now, if it was possible to go beyond the limits of the planet…

This fantastic opportunity is not far off.
Four years later, the Texas company Orion Span promises to open a space hotel Suite.

The first of its kind hotel to be located on the space station Aurora, which will launch in 2021. It has enough space to accommodate four guests and two crew members. In 2022, the hotel will begin to welcome the first guests.

Ethereal travelers can afford not everyone. The cost of lodging in the orbit of $791 666 per day, minimum stay of 12 days. A simple calculation says that the customer should pay the astronomical $9.5 million. This amount includes the cost of the flight from Earth to the station, space suit, food, drinks and everything you need.

For the money millionaires also get a lot of incomparable impressions. Since the station will be doing a revolution around the Earth in 90 minutes, each of them will enjoy 16 sunrises and sunsets per day. Guests will be able to feel like real astronauts, conducting experiments and growing food in outer space.

Thanks to high-speed wireless Internet, their experiences can be immediately shared with friends and family.

To book a place on the»Aurora» today. You need to make a Deposit of $80 thousand, which will be returned if you change your mind.

Recall that Elon Musk this year will be on a journey around the moon two tourists.