Warner Bros. build a cable car to the inscription «Hollywood» for $100 million

Despite the omnipresent tourists, experiencing patience of the residents of Los Angeles, the city continues to pursue a policy of «all for the guests.» The efforts of the film concern Warner Bros. to the famous inscription Hollywood will be built at 1.6 km long cable car.

The construction of the road will take about 5 years and will cost $100 million. Upon its completion, tourists can enjoy a 6-minute ascent to the attractions on mount Lee. Also, the construction plan provided by the observation deck. The officials supported the idea of Warner Bros., despite the skepticism of local residents who consider her next commercial project.

Hollywood studios, like Los Angeles in General, have long attracted crowds of tourists. Regardless of the time of year and the weather they tend to go where history was made. On the one hand, this interest is very beneficial and local authorities and citizens, but also creates a number of inconveniences. First of all, we are talking about congested highways and an incredible amount of guests that the city sometimes can not accommodate.

City officials have long puzzled how to solve the problem. Six months ago it was even suggested to create another inscription «Hollywood» on the other side of the hill. Whether fortunately, or unfortunately, this idea has not found support. Instead, the Studio Warner Bros. agreed to Finance the construction of a cable car from the Studio Universal to iconic landmarks. Measures of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti said that this is the most real and reasonable solution for the city.

Now discuss the variants of the route which will run a cable car. The fact that first you need to perform the GPS coordinates. With the popularity of Instagram services, Uber and Lyft are the most popular places tourists create a jostling, interfering with each other to enjoy the sights, not to mention the tubes leading to them on the roads. The authorities and the sponsors will have to think how to redistribute the flow of fans of»dream factory».

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