TOP 5 stories of people who mysteriously disappeared from cruise ships

It is believed that cruise filled with happy and carefree moments of bliss – in fact, what can go wrong on vacation to the sea? In fact, according to official statistics since 1995 with a cruise ship lost more than 165 people.
Of course, cruise and a «relax» to the fullest and can fall overboard in a state of alcoholic intoxication, but some truly disappear mysteriously. Not find their bodies, are they alive years later.

TOP 5 stories of people who mysteriously disappeared from cruise ships

In addition, the owners of the cruise companies are not thrilled to call on the police Board that conducted a thorough investigation – this will hit the reputation of the company. So cruise ships still sail the seas, and people – disappear.
Here’s the TOP 5 stories about mysterious disappearances from cruise ships.

Amy Lynn Bradley

I remember this case from years ago. It was on @Montel_Williams o show. I also remember it On @Unsolved. It’s been twenty years. I do believe from research that #amylynnbradley is alive. Share her picture to bring her home. #please

— They Call Me Steph (@dare2dream82) April 8, 2018

Amy Lynn was a 23-year-old resident of Virginia who went missing during a cruise Royal Caribbean International in 1998.
It is known that on the night of the disappearance of the girl was dancing in a nightclub, where he became acquainted with the music group. Amy went to bed myself around midnight. Around 5.30 in the morning her father saw her sleeping in the balcony cabins, and at 6 in the morning Amy went missing. At this time the ship was heading from Aruba to Curacao. The girls gave nothing, she was reported missing.

In 1999, one of the sailors said that they saw a girl in a brothel in Barbados. Allegedly, she called his name and asked for help, but she was immediately taken away somewhere. Similar information about Amy appeared in 2005. And later Amy’s parents Lynn got the photo from an anonymous sender, which was filmed half-naked young woman, very similar to their daughter. And although Amy is still not found, it is believed that she was indeed sold into sexual slavery somewhere in the Caribbean.

Rebecca Koriam

On BBC Inside Out NW @johnprescott & @ChrisM4Chester call for action over disappearance of @RebeccaCoriam

— Jayne McCubbin (@JayneMcCubbinTV) November 2, 2015

24-year-old Rebecca Koriam was a member of the crew of the cruise ship Disney Wonder. The girl disappeared may 22, 2011, when the ship was off the coast of Mexico.
Rebecca was recorded by surveillance cameras of the ship – she was on one of the internal phones and seemed upset. Was found by a witness who approached the girl and asked if she was okay. According to him, she replied: «Yes», then hung up and left.

The most common theories, Rebecca washed overboardwhen she was in the pool for crew members (that night at sea there was a storm), or she jumped into the sea from the deck of No. 5. The latest version does not support close girls who are claim that, even if she was worried about troubles in private life, never would’ve killed myself. There is information about the fact that the pool found a sandal Rebecca. Whatever it was, it is still unknown what happened to Rebecca, Koriam the Mexican coast.

Fariba Amani

TOP 5 stories of people who mysteriously disappeared from cruise shipsSource: Screenshot/YouTube

47-year-old resident of Vancouver, Canada, disappeared in February 2012 during a cruise in the Bahamas. On the liner she was with her boyfriend, 46-year-old Ramiz of Golshani, whom he had met about 8 months.
According to Golshani, the last time he saw Fariba at the gift shop at about midnight. They agreed to meet in the quarters, and then Ramiz went to the casino. When late at night he returned to the cabin, that was empty, but the man had not yet began to worry and went to bed. He woke up about 7 a.m. – Fariba’s still not there. After hours of fruitless search he turned to the crew.

As later told sister Amani, Fariba’s relations with Golshani not everything went smoothly, Fariba even planned to hire a private detectiveto find out does not change whether her favorite. However, no charges Ramiz of Golshani not been presented, and what happened to Farmboy, remains a mystery.

Annette Mizener

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TOP 5 stories of people who mysteriously disappeared from cruise shipsCourtesy of Mizener Family/ABC News

In December 2004, the 37-year-old Annette Mizener won a cruise to the Mexican Riviera from the company Carnival. She took a trip parents and teenage daughter.
In the evening of her disappearance, she was with her daughter at karaoke, and then went to the casino, promising parents that will soon join them to play Bingo, but it never came.

During searches in one of the lower decks, near the rails, found a purse Annette Mizener, after which many felt that the woman either fell overboard, or they threw it away. Extensive search, which was conducted by the Coast guard and Navy, to no avail.
The strangest thing about this story is that the only surveillance camerathat could clarify the situation… was hung a map of the ship.

Merrian Carver

TOP 5 stories of people who mysteriously disappeared from cruise shipsSource: Screenshot/YouTube

40-year-old Merrian Carver disappeared from the ship Celebrity Cruises in August 2004.
The woman went to a 7-day cruise to Alaska one. When the cruise was over, the crew found the cabin Carver her stuff…and just gave them to charity, saying to the police. Did the relatives of the missing, who were unable to go out with her. As it turned out, the family was not even aware that Merrion went on a cruise.

All this gave rise to the theory that the woman probably committed suicideby jumping overboard, but confirm there’s no theory to this day. Body Merrian Carver was never found.


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