You win a green card — what to do next?

You are lucky: you were the lottery winner Green Card. Initial disbelief replaced by unbridled excitement, and after a natural euphoria will rise logical and prosaic — question: what’s next?

Each lottery winner Green Card soon realizes that winning is just the beginning. However, the issues and problems encountered by lucky from year to year the same. We will explain in detail what you will do in the coming year, if you decide to take a chance and move to USA.

Filling out the DS-260

The first step is to fill out the visa application form. From 2015 the winners Diversitу Immigrant Visa Program make all of your personal information the form DS-260 on the website of the Consular electronic applications center (Consular Electronic Application Center CEAC).

First enter the Case Numberreceived when you win, and proceed to the completion of the form is exclusively English. Take this step seriously! Fill in all parts slowly (make this at least an hour), carefully and very honestly.

Besides standard information (name, date and place of birth, nationality, passport data, place of residence, telephone number, etc.), you will need to enter data on:

parents, spouse (if married);

children (if any);

traveling in the United States (if any);

place of work and/or study;

previous job and/or study;

state of health;

crimes and violations of the law, including immigration.

Completing and sending the questionnaire, do not forget to save and print for yourself: later it will have to add to the documents that you take with you to an interview with an immigration officer.

In General, do not have to complete the entire form in one day and even more in one sitting. You can save the questionnaire at any point and return to it at any time.

The expectation of a response to the Consular center in Kentucky

Submitting a completed questionnaire, you will receive a message with the following text: «Your request or message has been received and routed to the appropriate group (Your inquiry or message has been received and routed to the appropriate group»). Next, you can get several answers — depending on the quality of the questionnaire. For example, you may be asked to correct any inaccuracies, or notify you that your application will be reviewed within 4 months. If the Consular center in Kentucky (Kentucky Consular Center) will receive your application — the letter will indicate the date when you must appear for the interview.

The collection of documents

While you wait for the answer of the Consular center in Kentucky, enjoy a collection of necessary documents. Each of them should have a certified translation in English.

Here is a list of required documents (original and copy):

Internal passport.


Birth certificate.

Diplomas confirming education.


Information about the presence/absence of criminal record.

Marriage certificate/divorce.

Military ID (if you served in the army).

The Bank account statements.

Documents about real estate appraisal.

Job reference that you are an employee/owner of the company.

2 recent photos 5 × 5 cm.

Receipt of payment of consular fee.

Results driven physical.

Proof of medical examination.

Please note: the list is not exhaustive and may be supplemented individually.

A prerequisite for obtaining a green card is passing a medical examination. This can be done only in special certified centers. (Their list is available on the website.) The medical examination is performed to determine whether you or someone from your family disease, which is the limiting condition for entry into the United States. In addition, you will be made all the necessary vaccinations.

Interview with an immigration officer

Interview date is known, all documents are collected, reproduced and translated, the medical Board passed — from getting a green card is a mere interview with the immigration officer at the Consulate or Embassy. The main advice given by immigration experts: under any circumstances, tell the truth! Learn more about interviews and getting a green card recently told Anna oleksiuk.

After successful completion of all the stages of the path to obtaining a green card you will only have to collect things, to take the necessary amount to buy a plane ticket and go to USA.

Good luck with the Green Card!