Elephants-killer and the giant octopus | monuments to the tragedies in new York, which was not

Although they say that the secret always becomes obvious, but mankind was always more attracted to the unexplained, the mysterious and fantastic. Just drawing attention to some incredible history, we may be consider the true state of Affairs and try to find the answer to the question about what actually happened. In this case, the more fantastic the story, the more likely people will believe in it, and the less suspicion it would cause. But if a fantastic story to reinforce the reference to a real event, the question almost never arises.

Artist Joe Reginella (Joe Reginella) has a very interesting hobby — creating complex hoaxes. In everyday life, is a sculptor who makes props for filming and statues for stores, and in his spare time he invents, develops the concept, designs, promotes and brings into the world another fictional fact. But this fact is presented so that 8 out of 10 believe that the story happened in reality.

His latest creation is a monument to the disappeared in 1977 the crew of the tug «Maria 120». This weighty monument (about 150 kilograms), which can be found on the waterfront. It even has a sign that says that it was installed in 1982. But if you are not aware of this event, you should know that in harbour, where the tug, crashed or landed unidentified flying object. Perhaps it was a plane, but subsequent events confirm that it was a UFO. When two boats of the coast guard arrived at the scene, the object was not found, and in tow was gone, the crew of six. The location of the people wasn’t established.

If you have any question about why this event is not known, the answer is very simple. The event took place from 13 to 14 July 1977 — at a time when new York city suffered a blackout (massive power outage that caused the riots, looting and pillaging.) Well, since the city was occupied with the problem of survival, the disappearance of six persons has not attracted significant attention.

If you still continue to doubt, numerous official documents and even website dedicated to this event should convince you of the reality of this story. And when the majority begin to believe, it turns out that everything is fiction.

Among the works of Joe and the monument to the victims of the attack of the giant octopus, when November 22, 1963, he caused the deaths of about 400 passengers of the ferry and the monument of the tragedy on 29 October 1929 on the Brooklyn bridge when the angry circus elephants trampled spectators who came to watch their procession. Only the first event of the «left overs» because of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and the second «lost» on the background of stock market crash, dubbed «Black Friday».