«Lacking intelligence»: Yuri Shevchuk urged the Russian immigrants to return from the USA to help the Motherland

Russian musician, founder and frontman of the group «DDT» Yuri Shevchuk appealed to his compatriots, living overseas, with the message.

The singer called on the Russian immigrants to return from the USA to his homeland to help it to develop. According to Shevchuk, Russia lacks the «enlightened intellect», which is the residents of America. He invited the Russians to»pack your bags» and come with him to Russia.

«We do not have enough enlightened intelligence, creativity. You have already learned here, it’s time to help us move the country in the right direction», — said the musician.

Shevchuk stressed that immigrants must help «build a new, bright, true, beautiful Russia.»

«It is time, friends, time,» concluded rocker.

Now the group «DDT» is on tour in the US and Canada. 2 through March 26 she will perform in new York, Boston and Toronto.

The leader of the group said that already had time to walk around Atlanta and appreciated the purity of the American streets, but noted disadvantages, for example, that they are many homeless people. Shevchuk said that he had talked with African Americans and shared with them the opinion about music in Russia.

The rock group «DDT» was founded in 1980 in Ufa. Its most famous song «What is autumn», «Leningrad», «homeland», «It’s».