In the eerie video, filmed by a passenger of the aircraft on Board of which was 365 people, the engine begins to escape the flames

More than 300 passengers were on Board the plane which made an emergency landing at the international airport in Los Angeles shortly after takeoff yesterday, November 21.

It happened after one of the engines is beginning to escape the flames, forcing the aircraft emergency return to the airport.

Flight 113 airlines Philippines AirlinesBoeing 777, only flew to the Philippines from California, when the accident.

One of the engines of the aircraft was «thrown» fire and black smoke. Fortunately, the plane managed to land safely, and all 347 passengers and 18 crew members were evacuated. No one was hurt.

Is a plane suppose to spew flames? #airplane #lax @AmericanAir @flyLAXairport

— Big Red (@andrewblakeames) on 21 November 2019.

As written in Facebook Adam Taylor, one of the passengers of the aircraft, «the engine caught fire and shot». Adam captured footage of the cabin, where you can see the flames flashing from the right engine.

«I saw flashes of light. I thought it was from the sun, but then I heard «boom-boom-boom». I looked out the window and noticed how the engine fly balls of fire,» — said another passenger, Walter Baumann.

EMERGENCY LANDING: Flames shoot out of a plane’s engine that just took off from LAX. Hear from terrified passengers tonight on @ABCWorldNews #LAX #Plane #Emergencylanding

— Will Carr (@WillCarr) on 21 November 2019.

One engine broke down, but the plane landed «without incident», according to the official representative of the Federal aviation administration’s Ian Gregor.

In a written statement, company representatives Philippines Airlines confirmed that one of the engines of the plane had a «technical problem.» On the causes of the incident is not reported under investigation, which must establish all the circumstances.