It is «the safest place» in America to survive the pandemic coronavirus

According to the report, the safest place from the coronavirus in the United States can be a tiny city on a Peninsula, United with Canada, South of Vancouver.

According to the British newspaper Guardian, the pandemic still has not affected the 1300 residents of Point Roberts, which is part of Washington state.

«This is probably the safest place in the country, said 65-year-old resident Pamala Sheppard. Since our borders are closed, we are now as the island. We as an island without boats.»

To the isolated city, which is about 135 miles (217 km) Northwest from Seattle, reachable by boat or to fly to the airport.

Local fire chief Christopher Carlton said that in a normal weekend, last year the city saw about 2,000 vehicles passing through its border — but that number has now fallen to 100.

Residents can continue to cross the border for important trips, including to the reception to the doctor to obtain prescriptions, but any stranger trying to get into the city, it will be difficult to pass through the border agents, said Carlton The Guardian.

«Economically, it is detrimental to our community, like any community which passes through this at the moment, but in a way it also protects our community,» he said.

Local flash can have devastating consequences, since about 70 percent of the residents of Point Roberts over the age of 60, the age group considered to be at higher risk of the disease.

In the urban clinic is staffed only by a nurse and physician assistant. EMS workers need to transport any seriously ill person to the mainland by land through Canada or to evacuate him by helicopter.