In the Netherlands posted a message for tourists of tulips

Every year tourists come to the Netherlands to admire the beautiful fields of tulips. However, this year the pandemic coronavirus broke all the plans of travelers. For people who wanted to see for the first time, or even just visit a cherished place, one Dutch company has made a special message.

Family farm tulips, Daffodils and Dutch company blog about travel Tulips in Holland have teamed up to create something special: to plant tulips so that they formed a message to all tourists who missed the season of their flowering, writes CNN.

«I’ll see you next year» — says the message that emerged in the middle of a blooming field. The song ends on a huge red heart.

«We planted tulips a little early to write this post. From our family to yours!» — the company wrote on its official page in Facebook. «We hope that this will brighten your day, and hope to see you next year! With love!»

Due to Covid-19 travel plans have changed. Many of you were planning to travel to The Netherlands to see the flower…

Geplaatst door Dutch Daffodils op Zondag 19 april 2020

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, the tourism industry suffered greatly, as many countries had temporarily closed the border, causing the most important tourist places were empty for the first time in a long time. This resulted in the emergence of a serious crisis in the industries related to travel and tourism.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, in the Netherlands there were more than 38 000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus at the time as the number of cases has reached three million worldwide, with USA at the head of the list.