Top 5 attractions in North America

Top 5 attractions in North America

There are amazing countries in the world, full of secrets and mysteries of nature! One of them is North America. It is filled with magnificent natural attractions. Anyone who has visited these lands at least once will remember this magical beauty for the rest of their lives. Stunning landscapes, majestic mountains and glaciers, ancient waterfalls, rivers and lakes, “cosmic” canyons, wild deserts, dense forests and jungles, fabulous grottoes and caves, endless valleys, unique national parks and reserves — the real treasures of an extraordinary region.

Niagara Falls Top 5 attractions in North America

A beautiful natural complex of waterfalls is located on the river. Niagara. It is the most powerful among its environmental “brothers”. In the Indian language it sounds like “thundering water.” Niagara Falls appeared many centuries ago and consists of other sources such as the Horseshoe, American and Canadian Falls, and Veil. Their height is 53 meters. At night, in the rays of bright illumination, they look like a multi-colored rainbow. Nearby, the pedestrian and transport “Rainbow Bridge” spans Niagara. The complex is open to tourists by cable car, helicopter, hot air balloon, and pleasure boats. There are towers and observation platforms here, from which a wonderful panorama opens.

Mendenhall Glacier Caves

A huge glacier located in the Tongass National Park is home to incredible caves that are open to tourists. Inside the ice temple there are paths, stones, water channels and a mysterious blue light coming from the cave ceiling. The length of the glacier is nineteen kilometers in the Mendehall valley. There are 36 huge glaciers. In the depths of the caves there are underground labyrinths and passages. The glacier was named after physicist Thomas Mendehall in 1891. The US National Forest Service works with tourists, offering interesting and safe routes. Currently, due to the fragility of the caves, visiting them is limited.

Horseshoe Canyon Top 5 attractions in North America

Famous mountain meander pcs. Horseshoe-shaped Arizona can be seen from an aircraft. It is located in the vicinity of the National Recreation Area. It offers a picturesque view of the canyon and the river. Colorado. An extraordinary miracle of nature! There is a sense of another reality in this area. The place attracts the eye and fascinates with its unearthly beauty. The canyon is especially beautiful in the rays of dawn. Standing on its surface, you get the feeling of being on another planet, although you need to walk here with extreme caution, because… There are precipices and steep cliffs around.

Lower Antelope Canyon

Truly a wonderful and mesmerizing place! The natural site consists of the Upper and Lower canyons. They are located near Page in Indian Territory. Red-red fiery walls of sandy bizarre shape, reflecting magical light, look like the skin of an Antelope. People pay a toll to visit the canyon. Excursions are accompanied by a tourism instructor. Here you can go deep underground using special stairs. In the canyon, various surprises are possible, and during the rainy season there is a danger of flooding. In the summer of 1997, a stream washed away twelve tourists in this area, one of whom survived.

Sequoia National Park Top 5 attractions in North America

Ancient giant “living organisms” more than 80 meters high grow on the territory. The park has a clean environment and a quiet natural atmosphere. The legendary sequoia dendron, General Sherman, “lives” here. The tall and powerful “mammoth tree” delights with its majestic beauty. Not far from it grows the General Grant tree. The park has mountainous terrain, deep canyons, branched caves, alpine meadows, lakes and rivers. The park is home to elk, deer, baribal, coyotes, and lynx. Here you can climb the Moro Rock, which has a staircase of 400 steps. This is a favorite place for adventurous rock climbers. Every traveler and researcher will find new discoveries and vivid impressions in North America!