For holidays in California is expected to record heat

For holidays in California is expected to record heat

Holiday week will surprise the unprecedented warmth of the West coast of the United States. The temperature in California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona will be at least 5-10 °C above normal values for late November, but precipitation is not anticipated.

This excellent news will please those who wanted to celebrate thanksgiving in nature and upset the regulars of ski resorts.

For holidays in California is expected to record heat

This will be in southern California. According to forecasts by the National weather service, from the beginning of the week the thermometer will start to creep up and reach maximum performance within a 30.5 — 34 °C. Thursday will be cooler by 0.5 — 1.5°C, but the hot weather will continue until the end of the week.

Forecast of unseasonably hot temperatures continues for the holiday week. Hottest day will be Wednesday. #CAwx #LAheat #SoCal

— NWS Los Angeles (@NWSLosAngeles) November 20, 2017

Accuweather warns that heat waves expected in Los Angeles (31.5 °C), Burbank (33 °C) and Pomona (34 °C). Thermal performance will exceed previous highs, recorded more than 65 years ago, in the 30-ies — 50-ies of the last century.

Temperature beat previous records and in the cities of other Western States, particularly in Phoenix, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, salt lake city, Billings, Boise, and Denver. In some localities such heat was not more than 100 years.

The ski and snowboard dreamed this weekend to hit the slopes, you will have to change their plans.

A number of resorts in California, Colorado, Montana and new Mexico have to shut down some ski slopes due to lack of snow. And yet, something where you can ride — according to portal, On The Snow, Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort and Wild Mountain Ski & Snowboard Area remained favourable conditions for winter sports.