Earthquake in Delaware was felt in new York and new Jersey

Earthquake in Delaware was felt in new York and new Jersey

The earthquake was recorded on Thursday in Delaware, was reflected in almost all of the East coast. Its echoes were felt in new York and new Jersey.

Tremors of magnitude (according to different sources) from 4.1 to 5.1 points was recorded at 4.45 PM on Thursday. According to the USGS, the epicenter was located 6 miles northeast of Dover (state of Delaware), at a depth of about 5 miles.

However, the shaking was felt far beyond the state – in new York, new Jersey, West Virginia and North to Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

Reports of shaking have been recorded in the East Village and Brooklyn, nearly 120 miles North of the epicenter. In new Jersey the earthquake was felt in Morristown, Belford, East Rutherford and Ridgewood.

Looking on twitter it looks like an earthquake. Strange to feel something like that in NJ, but it felt like that one years ago that hit the DC area.

— Tracie (@mom2teebee) November 30, 2017

«Looking at Twitter, it’s like an earthquake. It is strange to feel like that in new Jersey, but it was like that about a year ago was felt in Washington.»

Felt it in central New Jersey #earthquake

Being Bong (@yourwhineguy) November 30, 2017

«Felt it in Central NJ #earthquake».


Earthquake felt in NYC #earthquake #Delaware

— @geminiwoe (@geminiwoe) November 30, 2017

«Earthquake felt in new York.»