The size of fires in California more than new York and Boston

The size of fires in California more than new York and Boston

260 thousand acres (more than thousand square km) – is this common area of California fires, which could cover the largest U.S. cities – new York and Boston.

Periodic strong winds known as Santa Ana today, 11 December, maybe reach 40-55 mph (64-88 km/h), but tomorrow the gusts may not be as powerful.

Breaking: #ThomasFire has now burned over 230,000 acres of land and continues to grow exponentially. The fire destroyed over 750 structures and is now the fifth largest fire in California history.

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In the County of Venturaracked by the most powerful fire Thomas, conditions for the spread of the fire remain favorable: the moisture content is less than 10%, and the temperature is kept around 25-27 C (78-82 F).

In the County of Santa Barbara because of the fire have regular interruptions in the electricity. Southern California Electric said the outages and surges could potentially affect up to 85 000 customers.

Thomas Fire: Despite the fact that firefighters managed to contain 10% of the fire, the fire has burned about 230 thousand acres (930 square km). According to CalFire, the fire is the scale for Ventura County and the fifth largest in modern California history. He destroyed 790 buildings, and to fight with him went $ 34 million.

2017 California Statewide Fire Map #wildfires #LAFire #SanDiegoFires

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Creek Fire is the second largest fire, which was formed on Tuesday in the neighbouring County of Los Angeles. The zone of distribution of fire at times less than Thomas Fire – 15 619 acres (63 square km). According to the fire service, 95% of the fire had been contained.

Rye Fire broke out on Tuesday in the County of Los Angeles and burned 6 049 acres (24 square miles). Firefighters have made progress in combating it: about 93% of the flame turned out to be localized.

Lilac Fire is a fast-spreading fire that ignited Thursday in the County San Diego and has finished 4 of 100 acres (16 square km). Firefighters brought it under control and keep 75% of the fire.

Skirball Fire started in the environment as a ground fire in the area of Los Angeles. It burned 422 acres (1 square km). At the moment 85% of the fire contained.

Liberty Fire is the smallest scale fire in County riverside – 300 acres (1.2 square km). The fire completely took it under control, but service can’t predict how fire will behave after amplification winds.

Firefighters challenged by extreme fire behavior resulting from low overnight relative humidity,dry vegetation &windy conditions #ThomasFire

— USFS Fire-California (@R5_Fire_News) December 11, 2017